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Q&A 0067 – Smell, Perfume, Fragrance And Aroma

In the Universe, everything is perfect, because the oxygenation is total. On this planet, before the pandemic of death, there was Life and there were exceptional aromas. After the pandemic of death occurred, everything is extracted from putrefaction. There are no more aromas. There are various smells. These various smells can be complemented with something pleasant, namely a fragrance. Perfumes are usually chosen at the pleasure and to the taste of each and everyone.

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Q&A 0066 – Violence Excludes Science

Science means a side that improves the cerebral content. War is not considered a science, in as much as it destroys, in one way or another, the cerebral content. Where there is violence, there can’t be science. Here I am not talking quite at all about the Basques, but about all who populated this planet and used violence.

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Q&A 0065 – Dead-Cell Removal Channels

Abide by what I have specified about the perfect weight! After you obtain the perfect weight, I will rearrange your body, so there can be perfect balance between muscles and fats. [...] That’s how we will create the dead-cell output channels.

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It is a pity for those who don’t have enough brains, that they cannot understand how threatening the situation is and that the likelihood of this plan to succeed is very high. For no other reason, but the Creator is not here, the Creator can’t be among the dead. The information I give you is veritable. But its validity comes from the very brain with which I study this information. If you study, in Terra’s history, the cave paintings, you will notice something very interesting. [...]

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A great part of you know me very well. I would never take a decision that might prejudice your dignity and honour. Any decision I make enhances your status of a Man and protects your dignity and honour, and does not harm them by any means.

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Pilot Programme In The Simulator

The Creator created the Creation, the Universe, He gave nature, the species, the celestial bodies, etc., as well as the Man, in order to function permanently. It is illogic to create a Man and then kill him. [...] In this simulator, as I have mentioned above, there is death. If death exists, this simulator does not exist in living connection within the Universe, but only as an experiment of involution. SOMETHING ELSE THAN CREATION.

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A Sea Of Buts And Also -Es

I respect everyone, I love everyone. I have shown this, I will never stop showing this. When I show what love is, I also show noble-mindedness, dignity, qualities, fulfilment mean. I am not interested in those who don’t see what I am building. I am doing this for those who have the education, eyes and culture to see. Every time, here, on Terra there will be a “sea of buts and also-es”!

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The biorobots are made of living matter, they don’t change, they don’t modify, they are not to be completed. They have an unlimited system of existence; except that they have a closed circuit, a perpetuum circuit. [...] No comparison can be made between the biorobot and the clone. The clone is an identical entity, an exact replica, with a limited protective system and with a limited lifetime. Of course, it can attain 11 thousand years, but it is still limited.

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Since the instant of involution, the animals have suffered a shock, which shock changed them into an easy prey or game, depending on how many or few appearances in the......

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