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Unevolved soul and spirit cannot keep and they cannot get accustomed to an immortal body – even if they have one, they will destroy it.





Sometimes Mad People Tell Mad Stories


The Beginnings

Planet Earth was prepared for colonization many millions of years ago. Out of various considerations it had been tested and checked for a long time until approximately five million seven hundred years ago, when the planet was peopled with human beings, arrived here from other planets.

Two classes of humans were brought to the planet: evolving people and much-evolved ones.

The evolved were only three percent of the entire population brought here. The population counted over ten million human beings.


An Only Continent

The first structure of the planet was with an only continent surrounded by waters.

As flora and fauna, this land had everything necessary to support the human being – not without this one working, though, but only if they paid a huge effort.

Given that people were evolved, obviously, the planet developed uniformly and progressively, too.

The buildings were of the megalithic type, resistant to earthquakes or any other kind of natural trial.


Only One Language

They spoke an only language on the planet back then, respectively the same language they have spoken in the Universe to this day, and the leadership consisted of their most evolved scientists, namely wise men.

The learning system on the planet was gradual and progressive. This means that there was not an only science, but many, and that a man had to go through all the stages of science in one field, to learn them through so that they may pass to another cycle of learning.

Science was not compulsory back then, but it was necessary, so that one may pass to another branch of science, so that one may stay on land. If there were people who did not want it, they were forced to live in water.

There were only small desert islands in water, which provided no conditions for life. At this point, we must let our sane readers know (given that the author is insane) that nobody wanted to live in water.


Education – Stages

The stages each citizen of the planet had to undergo in their education were eighteen in number.

Having gone through these stages and shown that they mastered the planet’s science at an average level, the human being could become a fully entitled citizen of the planet.

As from that moment, each citizen of the planet had to go through the eighteen stages again twenty-eight times so that they may be ranked among the learned men and so that they may continue towards wisdom.

As from that moment, they were allowed to leave the planet at any time and go to any other planet. It must be mentioned here that any citizen of the planet went through the first stage only after they had turned one hundred and fifty-one years of age, so that they may become fully entitled citizens.

The wise men – that three percent from the beginning of Earth’s colonization – at the completion of everybody’s first cycle, after everybody had become a citizen of the planet and after they had built together on the planet everything there was to build for a normal life, they left the planet for their own ones.

After the wise men’s departure, the planet continued its progress at a normal and natural pace, in an elevated environment.

All the planet’s citizens completed their evolution and they headed for other planets in the Universe.

It went on in this way to the sixth generation, when everybody who had completed the educational system on Earth went away, leaving the sixth generation of the sixth descent of each family.


Family, Continuity, Immortality

It must be mentioned that – when they set up a family – there was not even conceiving that the family might ever break up. There was family and continuity.

There was immortality and there wasn’t even a question of death.

There was joy without even question of discord.

On their twenty-fifth stage of development, each man learned distance teleportation.

People kept filling with energy constantly; the human body’s energy was constantly sustained by the environment, without the human being focusing particularly on filling with energy, given that on their eighth stage they learned it as part of their training, namely that stage dealt with human body’s energization, flora, fauna and the alimentary habits of every species.


There Was No Ageing

As for ageing, the human being of those times didn’t think of it, because there wasn’t such thing.

People reached the age of one hundred and seventy-five years, a point at which their molecule stopped its evolutive process, turning into a crystal cell.

I am talking here about the osseous system’s molecule, changed from ordinary into crystal cell.

After the entire osseous system had completed its transition – namely from ordinary osseous system to crystalline one – inclusively the head bones and the ribs, the human being could no longer experience death, as they were also constantly progressing.

At the age of one hundred and seventy-five, people looked like a 21 – 25-year-old complex, completely healthy present-day human being.

Obviously, their entire body processed energy, vitamins, minerals, and everything is ideally necessary to maintain that condition.


Wrong Decision: Shortening Education

Planet Earth continued its development in this way for about 1 million 2 hundred thousand years.

Then something happened that was never allowed to happen, namely the leadership of the time thought that the entire science could be reduced to five development stages plus an additional one.

The new order caused serious shortcomings in the science up to that day. People were not familiar with the concept of time, but a stage had to be gone through till assimilated thoroughly.

With the stages shortened insomuch, there were very many gaps in the education of every human being.

The leadership took that decision, of reducing everything, so that the educational process to achieve wisdom could be undergone more quickly and to help them leave the Earth for the Universe, where they could go to any other planet and continue the educational process in other conditions, given that the people on Earth could learn only on this planet which they could leave only if they had completed the educational process.


The Concept Of Time – Losing Crystalline Cells

The transition having been made to that educational system, people became familiar with the concept of time.

Once they had the notion of time, the complete decline started of the progress so far.

Little by little, people started to lose crystalline cells till as many of these later became ordinary ones, as they are at a human being’s birth, namely 30% crystalline cells and 70% common ones.

With this structure, the human being started to fall ill.

Once illness occurred, the last percentages of crystalline cells were lost, too, after which the human being underwent changes in height; also marks appeared on their foreheads, hands, face, and body, namely the wrinkles.

The rest of the species, which had lived in concord with the humans – namely the animals and the birds – were shocked to see what was happening to the human being; they began to avoid humans and moreover, they attacked human being just as this latter one attacked the rest of the species.


The Major Decline: The First Death. Jumbled Languages

The major decline was recorded when the first human being experienced death.

After the experienced shock, there was aggressiveness between species, switch of partners, a total decay; even the habitations of the separate groups were built in separate places, surrounded by huge walls, so that they could protect from one another.

Human beings began to destroy nature, taking no heed of anything or anyone.

They began to hide from the rest of the planet’s citizens, to invent new words, so that they wouldn’t be understood anymore, to the extent that in thirty-three thousand years nobody could speak the other people’s language; their languages were jumbled and their mind was dark.

The generations succeeded one after another, but they also died equally fast; anyway, it was a natural thing for the society come to that stage.


– Mingled Bloodlines
– Protection Shields Lost
– Glacial Era
– Collision With A Huge Meteorite

I mentioned how the planet no longer had protection shields, namely, it was completely polluted and the shields preventing the oxygen from leaking into stratosphere had been compromised.

In the same order of thinking, because of the lack of oxygen, the planet was degrading continuously and irreversibly.

It was overpopulated because the bloodlines had been mingled, namely relatives married to one another, mixing their blood, soiling it and altering its genetic structure, which led to malformation.

This lead to the complete destruction of the planet, when a giant meteorite, one third the Earth’s size collided with it, and the planet underwent total geographic changes, namely it broke into five continents, plus the water separating them.

It underwent a glacial era of precisely 150,000 years, after which the ice melted down, leaving the nature reinvigorated, the oxygen pure and so the water.


Decision Of The Leading Council of the Universe

The Leading Council of the Universe decided to send the first leadership back to the planet – those people who had chosen to shorten the stages and exactly the men that had been at the time – given that all the rest of the families born afterward were mixed bloodlines without a single healthy gene and without any chance of continuing the human kind (once the bloodlines have been mixed up, there can be no pure family, nor human being with potential of ever-evolving).


POSED – The Continent Of Atlantida

The leadership was left with the human beings on only one continent, a continent called POSED, the one known by the name of Atlantis to the historians.

Certainly, the continent is only known hypothetically, because no one ever can tell where the respective continent was.

Posed was a continent that supported the rest of the planet, given that it had only temperatures below zero.

The rest of the families were distributed on the other continents; all spoke the same language.

The leadership on the rest of the continents could come to Posed at any time, to take council with the leading council of the Earth, but these latter ones were not allowed to intervene in anything to make a change.

On this continent, they held the final exams of each citizen of the planet. The planet began its good evolution again.

The crystalline cells grew in the human beings, but only to 70%, given that the educational stages one had to undergo to show one’s evolution had risen to 51 now.

So had the number of repetitions for each stage, it had risen to 41, namely, each stage had to be repeated 41 times.


Cylinders For Energization

With 70% crystalline cells, the human being could not maintain a perpetuum, and be immortal and able of transfer into Universe, but neither could they evolve to 71% unless they had proven worthy.

Therefore cylinders were built within very short distances, for energization and human energy recovery, which took the energy from nature and outer space.


Oceans – Sources Of Electricity. Pyramid-Shaped Devices To Produce Energy. Storing Light

In order that they could take and have electricity, the human beings built entire cities in the middle of the oceans, out of which they extracted resources, processed them to make electricity and transferred them to land.

There are very strong currents in the ocean, producing electricity. So are also minerals that help send them to the surface.

There were certain rhombus-shaped devices storing the already obtained electricity.

Next, giant spheres with a trapezium-shaped mirror in the middle gave the drop of light, namely our present-day light bulbs were in the shape of a trapezium, made out of living organisms.

The energy was conveyed through giant spheres, while the captured energy and the one from production and climate namely lightning and other, was taken by pyramid-shaped devices and afterwards transferred to each building and there was light.

It may be hard to accept by our contemporaries that light can be maintained overnight as well, by storing and transferring it, with the Sun itself being the source during daytime, but this is the readers of this material’s problem, not its author’s.

It is a matter of conception and vision (I hope you haven’t forgotten that the author is mad).


Architectural Structures Deep Inside The Earth – Not Reachable

The present day’s scientists search the surface ruins or 10 thousand meters deep at the most, but no deeper than that.

If anyone had reached the deepest recesses of the oceans, or they had gone as far under ground as the lava, they would have found very many interesting things, architectural structures unknown so far, instruments and alloys that haven’t even entered production on the planet so far, but this is impossible, because the present days’ human beings cannot reach the above-mentioned depths from two reasons:

– There is no technology to help reach there;

– The society will thicken the ranks of the madmen, people like the author of this material.

In the latter case, there is imminent danger, because there is safety in numbers, and what if the two madmen will poison the entire society?

In that case, the process may be irreversible: the society will be diseased and people will reach immortality. Is it worth it?

Let’s better enjoy every moment in the Sun, and content ourselves with the fact that we die or kill each other or things like that.

Don’t you agree that it’s more beautiful this way? Let’s live the moment!

The question is: do we really know what this thing, moment, is?

The best thing, for now, is that we continue to listen to the author’s fabrications.


Sewage System and Advanced Technology – Could Darwin’s Apes Build All Of That?

All the continents had perfect architectonic structure, as well as sewage system for water and biological residues, perfectly built from alloys that could only exist by means of a high technology.

We wonder: where did the high technology come from, when the respective technological process has only been discovered nowadays?

How was it possible to find ruins of megalithic blocks in Latin America, when people back then – if we were to believe Darwin and not the author of this material – came from ape?

Could apes have built their own metal processing factories in the trees?

And how could there be mixtures of cement, wood, brick, and stone in the composition of the ruins they found?

Could the apes have had cement factories in other trees, I wonder?


Flexible Megalithic Constructions – Egypt, Malta, Peru, Maya, Inca – and WHY They Withstand Time

It wasn’t the apes that did this, but the human beings living on those continents.

If the readers doubt the truth of these facts, I invite them to go to Egypt, Malta or Peru, to the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, Cuzco.

They will find ruins there that have lasted for thousands of years, while nothing has remained of the constructions built by the Spaniards conquerors of America.

How is it possible thousands of kilometers from Cuzco to find the fabulous ruins of Puma Punku high in Altiplano, Bolivia?

The ruins of Puma Punku are one kilometer away from other famous ruins, Tiwanaku, and these latter ones – also megalithic – are also perfectly preserved, perfectly disposed like a LEGO.

Their massive stones are perfectly joint together, which confirms that the civilization the author speaks of lived there and that this type of buildings are made of that manner to protect against earthquakes, floods and other, because they are flexible; they are like living things.

That is why, petrified as they are, they can withstand time.

It was calculated by the scientists today and proven that a megalithic structure of that kind weighted minimum 100,000 tons.

What could destroy them?

The only thing that could destroy fortresses of the kind could be a cataclysm or inversion of the poles.


Plausible Scenario – Demystified

This is a plausible scenario, the sea fossils found on Altiplano Plateau, near Lake Titicaca, at almost 4,000 meters altitude being proof that the ocean level rose to the altitude.

How come that these fossils can now be found both in the Andes and in Titicaca?

How come that the only variety of fresh water sea horses in the world live in Lake Titicaca, when they have no place being there, nor have ever had?


The Mayan Pyramids – Information Storage Unites

A number of the evolving human beings lived in the area famous now for the Mayan ruins.

It is explicable why they have found many such pyramids from Central America to Java Island.

The ruins of Sukuh, the pyramid of the elephants, in the mountain chain of Law, near Surakarta in Java, contain a stone-slabbed construction and a stepped pyramid, both of which are amazing things to the people in Central America and not only them.

Another pyramid was found in the Mayan city of Uaxactun, near Tikal.

How come that in these ruins – with no construction and production technique – in the middle of the pyramid as we look at the ruins, we can easily see that there was another pyramid inside, covered in glass and who made that glass, because there are pieces of glass inside those ruins?

How did they build the Mayan pyramids so well as order and architecture to make them an information storage unit?


Immortals Lived There – Solomon’s Kivota And Egyptian Ruins

And if you go through every stage and you can read what is written, you may find that there is something beyond mythology and legends, something that is but the fact that immortals lived there.

Likewise, we may talk also about Solomon who built Temple Mount, which was raised above the ruins of another megalithic building and it is known by the name of Kivota.

They say Kivota was an electric generator built out of aluminum, a thing which Solomon could not make, but which proves that the author is not mad for nothing.

The last – and the youngest – ruins, if we may say so, are the ones in Egypt.

We shall stop here and you will see in the following lines that they are not mentioned for no reason.


POSED ( ATLANTIS)’s Scientists Preserved Information For Future Generations

Previously in the material, I referred to the leadership of the planet, which was based on the continent of Posed.

All the efforts to make this civilization take a step to evolution, by going through all the necessary stages of development, failed.

This happened because 30% of the cells hadn’t been changed so there could be 100% crystalline.

The human beings sent back to complete their evolution cycle were not able to complete the last 30% and everything was meant for failure again.

Death and decay set in again, except on the continent of Posed, known as Atlantis.

Again the planet was rendered defenseless while the degradation of the ecosystem had begun.

This time, the change was brought about when the planet was hit by three asteroids.

This time it was Atlantis that vanished with all its deposits of water and glaciers.

The ice melted, flooding the entire planet, but this time the glacial era did not set in so abruptly.

This time the people of sinking Posed were able to go to the places where are now the ruins known as Mayan and they were able to pass down very valuable data for the next generations.

They preserved the information completely for 130 thousand years, for as long as the glacial era lasted, so that the present generations may read and decode their message, namely that the planet would be peopled again, showing by constructions linked with one another that the human beings gone from the Earth – namely those who hadn’t mingled their bloodlines – would be sent back for another cycle of evolution (by the many drawings of stars falling to the Earth and with the Moon in the middle, which means that also those people who didn’t mix their bloodlines would be given the chance of showing their evolution).

Signs From The Scientists Of Posed (Atlantis)

The same scientists drew elephants with people mounting on them, while in the continuation of the drawing the elephants are fallen and people clutching their heads with their hands are standing next to a fallen elephant.

In this way, the members of the leading council of Posed showed how the elephant representing evolution could not be mastered that time, too, and that civilization was meant for failure just as its previous ones.

The scientists from Posed also left a giant hole in one of the pyramids, through which you can gaze at the stars.

They also drew it on the walls, showing people and the present generations that someone up there loved them and cared about them and that it was entirely up to those generations whether they would evolve or not.


The End Of The Present Civilization – Predictions

They also showed very clearly that the end of the present civilization on this planet would be between the years of 2021 and 2027, but the interpretations of the scientists on Earth were wrong.

They think the Mayans showed the end was on the 12th of December 2012.

An ending is out of question, because there is no such thing as ending in the Universe, there is continuity and its stages.

Between 2021 and 2027 will be one of the stages and only those people will remain who did not mingle their bloodlines, a thing that can be inferred also from the last drawing on the walls of the Mayan constructions or of the pyramid of Cheops: in both places, at the end of the drawing, there is an elephant standing (to show that there is a different future on this planet and people will know immortality, evolution and wisdom).

This material is worth studying and analyzing with utmost attention. If – after a thorough analysis – you believe at least one shred, it means that I am not the only madman and that there are other people, too, who can make a giant step for their evolution.


First published in 2005

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