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Genesis and Evolution for Planets, Species, and Nature in the Universe

In the beginning, there was the Light. Light which sprang from Darkness.
In order for the Light to emerge, the spark called Creator came into existence. This Spark came into existence by vibrations, and not by rotation and motion.

Darkness breathes. By breathing, it creates vibrations. From vibrations, the Creator created Himself.

The Creator wanted the Light, and by Him, embracing the Darkness, vibrated for the Light to emerge.

It took billions of years, more specifically 4,638,000,000 (four billion and six-hundred-thirty-eight millions) of instants for the Creator to come out, and thereby propel the first cell from rotation.

Unlimited instants passed until there was Light.
Pure Light and Darkness created the Laboratory of Genesis.

In the Genesis, the Creator used unlimited variants to create two points of Light, two points that attract and repel each other, without leaving one another, namely that be dependent on each other.

To these two points, He created rotations, so that these two points always follow and seek, yet never find each other. That is, never meet each other, by any means. Thereby, the Creator gifted Love, which must always be sought, always be improved, which you always know, searching it, finding it, but which you can never comprehend, contain.

Love is the energy form that allows the high and low vibration at the same time, the vibration which set every cell of yours in motion, each cell searching, by rotation, for the other, but never reaching and withal never losing the possibility to seek, discovering.

After the Creator had created this system, He also created the following point. Every point of Light means a newly created planet.

A planet, in order to be functional, should have component parts which be in relation with everything that populates it, which contain the DNA of all parts existing on this planet and, at the same time, which allow permanent rotation.

In this case, the Creator created a core, a centre of the planet, which comprises all components in the form of lava.

All these components, with a view to providing rotation, motion, dynamism, should have a sphere that encompasses ever layer of warmth, gradually cooling it.

That’s how, like a vessel under pressure, a hot centre, increasingly cold towards the outside, with many air-outlet conduits which outflow, enriching the soil, was created.

Billions of instants passed until a soil was prepared and ready for dwelling, whatever its type. The soil became fertile for plants, namely the nature, which began to create itself.

After nature had had an experience of billions of years and offered impeccable hosting, the insects, birds, all the other species were created.
After this period and after the functioning proved to be impeccable, the Man was created.

The Man has had as a purpose the permanent cerebral development.
The Man’s only component that matters is the brain which the human being has been endowed with. A brain that allows each cell to search for the other and never find it. Forasmuch as no cell ever meets the other.

The human brain is conceived just like the Universe. Never does one part meet the other, whereas the two don’t run into the other two. They always rotate with very well calculated dynamism and speed.

The planets, prior to being gifted to the celestial bodies which to maintain in motion and dynamism, as well as rotation, are prepared for this functionality in semi-darkness. Only the crimson Light which reflects through the channels from the Planet Centre maintains the planet until it is offered to Light.

The Warmth and the Centre where the melting and recycling of all components occur offers, furthermore, the crimson light maintaining the planet before its being populated.

I’d like to ask you to take a look and measure because hardly has anyone measured a leaf in total darkness. This leaf is saturated with chlorophyll, which provides it, even in total darkness, with the light necessary to develop. Any leaf develops, including in the dark.

There have been plenty of theories as regards Terra. This manifold of theories does not prove anything other than the human being’s inability towards current reality.

Darwin “revolutionized” Terra’s human being. By launching the theory that the man, through a very well calculated analogy, comes from monkeys, apes.
I don’t challenge Darwin’s theory.
Why don’t I dispute it? Since Terra’s people have so much regressed that they have turned into monkeys, but they have no other connection with apes than in terms of behaviour.

But Darwin had so much time which he wasted on studying monkeys, that he was not interested in studying the tree where the monkeys can be found. If he had studied the tree that shelters the monkeys, he would have noticed that the tree never changed.
If this one, the tree, doesn’t turn into a turtle, a crocodile, a bird or anything else, how come that the monkey, which is sheltered and fed by the tree, has turned into a man?
This can never happen. Sickly fantasies can’t be theories, but a reason for the psychiatrists to practice their profession.

Planet Terra had been a single continent surrounded by waters. Planet Terra hosted men who were forced to land here, owing to the little imperfections having occurred on their planets.
The mistake was that the ones who had ended up on Terra, the first men, left Terra, leaving their successors here, successors who were not evolved enough to manage this situation.

In this case, on this planet, what is known nowhere else in the Universe, to wit the involution, began.
The confusion of bloodlines began. This occurred following the wrong approach of each member of society who remained here. Since they were not evolved, their decisions, approaches were totally wrong.
By totally wrong approaches, the rotation, dynamism and speed of the planet’s outside slightly changed, which led to pollution.

The Universe has strict measures, terms and time limits. Should the Genesis be modified by a micron, be it involved, as it were, the planet where this is ascertained, is instantly sealed by the Perpetuum. The Perpetuum does nothing but compare by energy signature. Upon ascertaining something is not right, It seals.

Terra is the only planet which is sealed, in the Universe, and this seal created the Universal Simulator. This simulator is harmful to the development, and the development actually is almost annihilated, but it helps the Universe, insofar as it is a teaching site.

This planet underwent three major apocalypses, following which six continents resulted, and the seventh one in permanent remaking, and two in formation, to wit nine circles, nine permanent spheres.

As there are nine permanent spheres, they are always heated to the utmost of supportability. You might want to compare this to the nine circles of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno and to see in Dante Alighieri more than just a writer.

The simulator in permanent remaking, permanently in involution, may be called hell or whatever you want to name it.
The evolution is on a permanent basis outside of those sealed places. This way, you might want to notice Heaven, as well.
The people who remained on this planet have turned, by their involution, into a mutant species.

Will you please watch, if you can, in time and so far, across billions of consecutive dimensions, and you’ll notice that involution is, at every step, in a permanent mutation.
You’ll notice the resemblance with the rest of the species which, in their turn, live in this simulator of involution.
If you watch very closely, you’ll definitely notice that this mutation called human being needs food, sex, clothing, movement, slight orientation; moreover, you’ll notice its total disappointment and depression.

This occurs since the human being, this continuous mutation, regresses on a permanent basis, getting for itself permanent diseases, senescence, and death.

Any species is gifted, by the Creator, with energy in many forms. The one I’m speaking about now is circulatory. This energy permanently modifies the human being throughout evolution. Unless the human being develops, this energy runs out, since it no longer impacts with the outer energies, as the Man does.

The Man, in order to exist, evolves on a permanent basis, but he gets in energy contact and exchanges energy with all that is around him, namely the nature, the rest of the species, as well as the human beings.

On this planet, since there is involution, there is no exchange of energy. Unless there is energy exchange, the energy closes, creates its own inner circle, but it doesn’t engender and doesn’t create any other cell. In this case, the energy goes to waste, because nothing is produced. Upon losing it, this mutation called human being dies.

Death is a phenomenon. It is a phenomenon which we can find only on Terra, in this very tightly sealed space. Death is not present on any other planet in the Universe.

Take a look at a human being who is newly born. He is born, meant to become a Man and to evolve.
No man can evolve within a limited time span. The Creator created the man unlimitedly.

Birth means Life. Life without involution, only by evolution.

Life and death can’t coexist. It’s a contradiction in terms, contradiction in facts, total contradiction.

The presence of a birth that passes through life and gets to death, is an absurdity; however, finding it on Terra, we will ascertain, by carefully studying it, the following:
This mutation has regressed in such a way that it has self-transformed into the component which ensures the earth’s enrichment with various minerals, vitamins and others, which are necessary to the planet, upon their decomposing. In conclusion, this mutant species is a huge store of components for planet Terra, which decomposes when the latter runs out of energy.

If someone realizes what I am stating, he will acknowledge this is the Truth. If he studies very well the meaningless traditions, legends and myths, he will acknowledge the latter are created for an absurd hope. This hope only guarantees a temporary existence.

Each generation has religion, rules, searches of its own. Once with the generation, its religion and everything they created for themselves die, too. There is a cyclicity, as well, in this chaos with no order whatsoever, on this planet.
If it were not for the cyclicity, if the Creator had not allowed this cyclicity, the simulator wouldn’t have existed, either. However, this simulator harms no one, it only harms itself, it does not influence the Universe at all.
Let’s take, as an example, the year 1700. The year 1700, after all those from 1700 died, the cycle of this year 1700, disappeared. It is like it never existed. It only exists in the records.

In the past and in the future, no one can travel. Everyone can develop only in the present, if he realizes everything I put down here.

The Creator allowed, for every year as a generation, all to enter the strive and struggle for development; but, from every year, He only keeps the first ten. It is with the first ten out of every year, cyclically as a generation, that the Creator will get in contact, in order to choose out of hell, namely this simulator, those who are worthy to be transferred on another planet, to be trained by evolution, proving they actually evolve.

In the Universe, the oxygen saturation, movement, rotation, all is perfect, to 100%. In the simulator, everything develops, maxim maximorum, to 15%.
If the simulator is unsealed, namely opened, and introduced in the atmosphere of the Universe, any component in this simulator will instantly burn. Accordingly, a human being which proves he keeps his spirit, needs to undergo adaptation, in order to exist in the Universe.

I can help any human being who wants and proves evolution. I don’t help mutants.

I know exactly how to do to purify anyone in this simulator, so as there no longer be diseases, senescence, death and involution. For this, I only need him to prove that he walks, by his own choice and will, on the way of Evolution.

I will definitely help no one, unless he proves he chose. To be chosen, any individual must become an individuality, a personality; by proving this, he will definitely be chosen.

Any personality is one-of-a-kind in the Universe. Any mutant is a component part of Terra’s soil. Any human being can choose evolution or can choose what his predecessors chose, death.

Death is a choice; life is destiny which everyone creates for himself.

Any man has crystalline structure. Any human being can get to change its grey system into crystalline; but, for this, evolution is required.

Evolution is not an illusion. Evolution is when we prove to ourselves that one and one is not two.

Involution is when we prove to ourselves that one plus one equals two.
When we prove to ourselves that one plus one equals two, it’s a final product. A known, every time, goes into regression. Being in regression, it rots and decomposes. There is not a single one known that does not decompose.

The Creator, by Genesis and by everything He offered to men, gifted them with the permanent discovery. In this way, the man evolves in the Perpetuum. Perpetuum means that, if, within the instant, this light went down and entered darkness, for him to rest, with the satisfaction to have learnt today, in the next light, he discovers this is only a threshold for him to know himself forever and ever.

A mutant human being knows a beginning, but also an end. The Man knows only a beginning.

The Creation is gifted to men for them to develop.

I offer the readership of this material to discover herein a stairway of endless evolution.

In this evolution, they will certainly notice, in every instant, the stoppage of senescence, the rejuvenation and the adaptation to a chosen age, so that all be vital, by the crystalline component.

In this form, the man will be able to know on a permanent basis, without ever reaching a result, always enriching himself, being sure that, by every step made in evolution, he knows increasingly less.
When the man finds out he knows increasingly less, this means he is a Man and also means he is part of Creation.

Everything that does not belong to Creation is non-creation, namely material for the lava in the core of any planet, lava which is beneficial to the planets, species and all that surrounds Creation.
Try to choose. If you can!

The worst punishment in this simulator is not to be stupid.
The highest punishment in this simulator is to be developed and withal exist in this simulator, explaining to most of the simulator members what TRUTH means.

Being developed, upon noticing in those around you, that most of them don’t understand you at all, despair comes over you, but also the satisfaction that you are a MAN and have not regressed.

Everything is a matter of choice, isn’t it?
Everyone either lives or exists, depending on this choice.
What do you choose?

By Master Mavrino

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