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The human being regresses. Once he regressed, he ends up aging and misses the gift, namely he dies. I have explained to you that there is a certain order of the cells, which function in groups. Once the human being is buried, he decomposes. While decomposing, some cells, which are still grouped, remain. Those, grouped, as many as they remain, show up to the other people and try to communicate to them that death is the end, it is not another beginning. Moreover, those cells transmit that unless they change their behaviour, they will end up decomposing, in their turn, and will no longer exist.

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A great step in development is to study your bloodline as correctly as you can and to the depth you have reached. From that moment, it can be stated that the resultant of your calculations has a real and true progression.

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My men are obliged to work hard to fulfil their tasks, which are multiple. This doesn’t mean they have to take into account the en- and onco-vironment. It is onco because it is extremely toxic.

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My men are not special, they are something else entirely! Everyone in the human species on this planet Terra is more or less special. My men don’t compete with anyone, because there is no one like them. Something else entirely means another structure, another conception, another education, another thinking. What makes the difference is death.

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[...] but I train MEN. Nobody else in this world trains MEN. [...] Most of you don’t know what it means to be or to have as a counselor a man trained by me. He teaches any multibillionaire how to behave both with his employees and in his private life. This counsellor of mine will teach him what it means to be a MAN and what it means to no longer have TIME as a reference, as well as to behave, that leader who is trained, according to the priorities he has. A counselor of mine, trained by me, is a treasure for the world leaders.

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The Next Instant

It is good to mobilise yourselves and try to check on yourselves several times. I want you to understand that there is no longer much space in this instant. Don’t......

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Energy And Electricity

The large masses reading my material might not understand it, but the great physicists understand what KEY I gave them. I know this is a new page for the physicists, but I know just as well that they won’t be able to do anything, because they need a special technique which they don’t have, which is why I am very sorry. I am sorry because this planet is just a consumer, it does not create, it does not procreate.

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Q&A 0068 – Water, The DIVINE PARTICLE And Mummification

In my materials, dating back a little while, there is this explanation, too. Read the BOOK which you have for internal use, there you will discover how to mummify in some other way than using stardust. I have explained the mummification procedure with the presence of permanent life for at least 11-15 thousand years. The mummified beings only need to be resuscitated, also in a specific way – I have explained this, too.

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A MAN’S LOVE – How To Rid Yourself Of All Pandemics

If you understand this, you can but take the correct steps and rid yourself of all pandemics, such as medical affections, senescence or death. You can say all the superlatives about this MAN. Until, at a certain point, you will say that the superlatives are too poor. Only then will you have reached the threshold where you can see that such a MAN can’t be simply a MAN, he does not fall within, because he is holy. Have you sought a Light? The LIGHT is in a holy MAN, a man who does not even say his name. Your WAY is only towards HIM.

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