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Recently, science has discovered that in 1 million years, an entire bloodline accumulates 1 neuron cumulated in the whole bloodline! By correct calculations, in 10 billion years, each bloodline on Earth will have half a brain! In this train of thought, that’s how a bloodline on Earth can be proven to think!

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A great step in development is to study your bloodline as correctly as you can and to the depth you have reached. From that moment, it can be stated that the resultant of your calculations has a real and true progression.

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[...] but I train MEN. Nobody else in this world trains MEN. [...] Most of you don’t know what it means to be or to have as a counselor a man trained by me. He teaches any multibillionaire how to behave both with his employees and in his private life. This counsellor of mine will teach him what it means to be a MAN and what it means to no longer have TIME as a reference, as well as to behave, that leader who is trained, according to the priorities he has. A counselor of mine, trained by me, is a treasure for the world leaders.

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I study very well. I haven’t come to a conclusion yet, but I am still studying. They say you choose a pet. A pet, not animals. Now my studies target...

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The Next Instant

It is good to mobilise yourselves and try to check on yourselves several times. I want you to understand that there is no longer much space in this instant. Don’t......

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Don’t use the present minute – now to prepare the following minute, lest you miss the present minute – now. Don’t use the present minute – now to analyse the...

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The Gift Of The Five Twigs

From this day, I give each of you a twig of willow, fig-tree, walnut, olive-tree and apple-tree. You will only have to tell me what you have done with them,...

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