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People on this planet went wrong. By erring, they turned everlastingness into an attempt to make amends for their mistakes; however, this attempt proves that some of these wretched really want that. The Simulator is a fact. We can deceive ourselves and say that the term of simulator is a coinage, and this is normality, which does not mean that’s how it is. You can ignore what I am saying, because what I say is not mandatory for anyone, but this doesn’t mean you will have another end than the one guaranteed in the simulator’s practice, namely a temporary life finishing with death. The mere fact that all that is born dies is a contradiction in terms. That is so because – why would one come into existence, if he were to die, after all? The man is created to develop, by analysing and researching, whereas the other species turn into energy in order to ensure the leverages of man, to strengthen the force, so he can fulfil his task.

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Teleportation – Speed and Dynamics

The scientists should have started step by step; with little things, they would have made a strong and enduring connection. Except any scientist or any mutant tries to find something solid and long-lasting, and doesn’t see the little things. Had you seen, all of you, little things, you would have made the most of what is evident. There is, in this world, mutant though it is, no one who doesn’t notice the system of teleportation. Except their cells don’t make the connection. Let’s take it slowly, so you can understand.

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Q&A 0082 – Mission – Evolution and Correct Adaptation

Everyone on this mission has his full memory. There is a scheme. This scheme is called comeback by evolution and correct adaptation. [...] This means that, when you claim something, you must believe 100%, neither more nor less, in that something. No one can bring to terms a man who doesn’t hide anything and states something, from his level of development. No one can contradict him, because he is perfect at his level of development.

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Q&A 0081 – The Bird That Comes Closest To The Sun

This bird is very strong, with extreme heat- and cold-resistant wings. This bird can come closest to the sun, namely – at the planetary level, close to the stratosphere, with no problem. Without any modification in its body. It is a pleasure to fly with such a bird; it is another sensation than teleportation, it’s a unique sensation. Any child flies on such a bird. He flies and at the same time learns how not to fear anything, refining this quality by exercises.

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Q&A 0080 – Shrunk Reality On the Earth Compared to the Universe

Your brain struggles to create the reality in the Universe, but there are still many imprints of death in your body, and especially in your thinking. Your cerebral development, right now, is not quite ready and trained yet to accept the reality of the Universe. Pollution, underdevelopment have affected everything that ways of initial Creation mean, in relation to how it looks now. Think that the minimum for any species, nature, birds or anything else in the Universe is three times bigger.

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The human being regresses. Once he regressed, he ends up aging and misses the gift, namely he dies. I have explained to you that there is a certain order of the cells, which function in groups. Once the human being is buried, he decomposes. While decomposing, some cells, which are still grouped, remain. Those, grouped, as many as they remain, show up to the other people and try to communicate to them that death is the end, it is not another beginning. Moreover, those cells transmit that unless they change their behaviour, they will end up decomposing, in their turn, and will no longer exist.

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Q&A 0077 – Natural Dioptres

I don’t learn inapplicable science. I neither apply myself to triviality nor create illusions. I am an analytical, logical man; I analyse and put into action every part of Creation.

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Q&A 0076 – Mirror And Progress

Progress is when you can appease your thirst with the glass of water, after research and development; and retrogression is when, out of involution, you left the water in the glass evaporate, you dehydrate and die a little. The mirror is an inappropriate counsellor, just as time is. Once time was invented, next came the mirror. Once the mirror was invented, next came your reflection in the mirror. Once you admired your reflection, you fell in love with yourself to such an extent, that you lost your mind, your reason, you regressed and got to the instant where you could no longer look in mirror, because you became a little dead.

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