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Everything I have shown, I have also proven. I would ask you to have a correct conception so as to analyse and to assimilate. In this case and as a result of this, we can talk about functional thinking. Now there is a huge risk for your thinking not to be yet correct. This is due to the fact that your thinking was not ready, and still isn’t, for the amount of information you received.

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A great part of you know me very well. I would never take a decision that might prejudice your dignity and honour. Any decision I make enhances your status of a Man and protects your dignity and honour, and does not harm them by any means.

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Holidays Conditions

We will go on holidays, under certain conditions: 1. Free-choice holidays, whoever wants, wherever he wants 2. Holidays abroad, whoever wants 3. Holidays with me

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I have not obliged anyone to read. I have shown which would be my wish. This wish enhances my possibilities to work with you more actively. I have already asserted and I repeat once more, for the last time. As of March 16th, I will work only with the ones who are on the VIP list.

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I don’t agree to break the well-established programme and make concessions. Making an exception for anyone means modification. Once modified, the programme is no longer useful. In this case, all those who are on the VIP list are also in the programme. The others will remain my friends and, if it is within my power, I will help them anytime.

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On Terra, since the instant of involution, for millions of years, the guides have been introduced. The guide is a biorobot of both sexes. It never deteriorates. The guide is dressed in ordinary garments. The garments are created instantly, according to the garments worn by the human beings. The guide’s face is impeccable. So is the body. [...] The biorobot was often mistaken for a religious, mysterious apparition or for an UFO.

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Ideal. Motivation. One Step

When our ideal is Everlastingness, for our ideal to become reality, no mistake is allowed. Any inappropriate step is total – or partial compromise, but that’s how it is, and that’s not good. [...] Any being can become a Man, but it is necessary to grit his teeth and strive long and hard to succeed.

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Enhanced Attention – Reminder

You don’t have enhanced attention. Nor distributive attention nor real attention. You still have much to learn, but this is the reason why you are together with me.

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Depending on your progress from now on, by your behaviour and deeds, you will ascend or not. The progress is real only when you have facts in support of your statement that you develop on a continuous basis.

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As of March 16th 2019, FULL ACCESS to the articles on Beyond Reality Society website will be exclusively granted to VIP members. As of this date, Beyond Reality Society page...

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