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Exclusive Interview with Master Mavrino

MEN do not die. MEN develop. The world dies. In conclusion, no Man will die. However, in order not to die, he should look for and find the vaccine against death. The only vaccine is thinking. To get to thinking and change the quality of the neural cell, from a simple into a crystalline one, you need to find someone to teach you how.

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New Alert! New Alert! New Alert! Our organization is a scientific, constructive and realistic organization. We make the most of what we are offered by Creation, studying all the correct...

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To enter my society is tremendously difficult, but also very easy. There is only one condition: to prove that you can, to prove that you have discipline, to prove that you have the desire to research and to develop, to prove that you didn’t break any law of this Earth and to prove that you can live anytime in two dimensions – this one that surrounds you permanently and mine, in which you can turn the stardust into a star.

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Mankind went the wrong way and, consequently, evolution has stalled and has been ignored. Evolution was replaced with survival in various forms, increasingly more sinister, - and examples can be plentifully given in this regard -, but we know them, to wit we know the reality of society, - and it is trivial to emphasize it. Since the process of continuous degradation is present, the human being had no chance of/towards evolution and therefore chose his judgment as follows: 1. The human being dies, and this is the first step of self-judgement.

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Corona virus, plague, cholera, pollution or others, whatever happens around you, whatever you endure, you experience, is not a Divine punishment. It is not the test which the Divinity subjects you to. The Divinity, if He wants something, achieves it. He doesn’t send warnings. Why would He send warnings, if He can – just as He created you, so destroy you, without your being left with any sign of conscience that you ever existed? Nevertheless, had He wanted to destroy you, why would He have created you at all?

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Word of Truth In a World of Contrasts


Thinking is hard, but I lead only the ones who have it. I can’t lead and teach those who follow rules known only to themselves. There is no divinity sheltering anybody who doesn’t have discipline in living.

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I can give what here, on this planet, would fall within SF, that is, permanent existence, in permanent development, happiness, love, by understanding, reason, conscience, in a hive of happiness, called Creation. This is my designation! You can choose this hive as your reality.

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People on this planet went wrong. By erring, they turned everlastingness into an attempt to make amends for their mistakes; however, this attempt proves that some of these wretched really want that. The Simulator is a fact. We can deceive ourselves and say that the term of simulator is a coinage, and this is normality, which does not mean that’s how it is. You can ignore what I am saying, because what I say is not mandatory for anyone, but this doesn’t mean you will have another end than the one guaranteed in the simulator’s practice, namely a temporary life finishing with death. The mere fact that all that is born dies is a contradiction in terms. That is so because – why would one come into existence, if he were to die, after all? The man is created to develop, by analysing and researching, whereas the other species turn into energy in order to ensure the leverages of man, to strengthen the force, so he can fulfil his task.

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Teleportation – Speed and Dynamics

The scientists should have started step by step; with little things, they would have made a strong and enduring connection. Except any scientist or any mutant tries to find something solid and long-lasting, and doesn’t see the little things. Had you seen, all of you, little things, you would have made the most of what is evident. There is, in this world, mutant though it is, no one who doesn’t notice the system of teleportation. Except their cells don’t make the connection. Let’s take it slowly, so you can understand.

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Stopaging - Pioneer Program 1

Pioneer Program – Stop Aging

In our unit, first and foremost, we will restore together the body, by various medical, psychological exercises, and on the basis of traditional medicine and experiences. Afterwards, by shared experiences, we will seek and attain brain function at the normal and proper level. All of us together, we will prove that human age is nothing but a misunderstanding of time.

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