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A Sea Of Buts And Also -Es

I respect everyone, I love everyone. I have shown this, I will never stop showing this. When I show what love is, I also show noble-mindedness, dignity, qualities, fulfilment mean. I am not interested in those who don’t see what I am building. I am doing this for those who have the education, eyes and culture to see. Every time, here, on Terra there will be a “sea of buts and also-es”!

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Take a look around you! Everything you can see is the expression of the Creator’s thinking! [...] Boast on the times when the Creator was taking great care of you and was modelling your body, and get mad with your no longer being in His care, since that’s what you wanted!

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Latches, Chains, Secret Locks

It is not the house that you must secure, my dear ones; it is your mind, which is sick enough. [...] You can’t be invincible and safe, until you discover that your enemy lies in your brain. [...] By thinking, you will need no more latches. By thinking, you will definitely be stronger.

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Love, A Green Mare’s Nest and Darwin

Do you know what prevents you from being a Man? Darwin prevents you. He taught you that you originated in the ape, and you insist on proving this, by running for bananas. Men plant and take care of banana-trees, and they don’t allow Darwin to climb into the tree.

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Shroud Of Turin – Just Another Fake

In this case, those who believe in this shroud and hence believe in the imprint of death, have never ever, but absolutely never, had faith in Jesus. [...] Jesus did not die, He had no way of leaving an imprint of death. [...] What I can guarantee to you is that Men don’t die. They don’t need a shroud.

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The Human Being – Features

The human being knows everything. He is competent in all fields. He may even schedule and arrange his own funeral beforehand. Even if he lives like a great unknown, deep down, the human being feels himself the toughest.

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