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Being A Man

Every Man is a freestanding personality with his own thinking and searches. Dignity, honour and Faith are the best counsellors on the Way of development, evolution and wisdom. Strive and you will be happy.

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The Crossroads

By Master Mavrino: A Man, on his way, stops when he is at a crossroads. He thinks, he notices that something didn’t go well along the way and he continues......

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The Heaviest Divine Punishment

The heaviest Divine punishment is to be clever! You are surrounded and you live, breathe and exist among idiots, but the idiots don’t know this! They fancy themselves smart!

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Human Development Stages And The Teacher

By Master Mavrino: Being – species of human nature. Individual – human species with particular characteristics. Man – human species who has proved his qualities towards himself and society. Developed...

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By Master Mavrino:  Thereafter, the osseous part changes from ashes into crystal, namely crystal bones and skull, the blood adjusts and strengthens its structure. The skin thickens a bit –...

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By Master Mavrino: Friendship is what you offer, without expecting anything in return. When you benefit of something from friendship, it changes into profiteering and is easily lost.

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Social Classes

By Master Mavrino: There are social classes with different standards. I’m asking you, in which social class would you range pain, joy, happiness, and evolution? I guarantee you that in...

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Microgarden Of Happiness

By Master Mavrino: The planet is in a pitiful condition in terms of order and organization, but who prevents you from developing so as to be a flower in the...

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By Master Mavrino: In existence, there is a crusade. This is only with yourself. If you win, you will rid yourself of the slavery of helplessness and you will be a...

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Yesterday and Tomorrow

By Master Mavrino: There might be no tomorrow if your deeds are just like yesterday’s. Yesterday will capture you in the dungeon of helplessness and even if you think you......

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