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The human being only naturally tries to prove how stupid he is!

This condition of the human being is easy to prove, because it is the natural condition which he evinces and by which he carries himself!

It is more difficult for him to prove that he is clever! A very strenuous exercise this is, because scarcely can he find raw material to prove this.

He eventually gives up, because you can’t get blood out of stone!

From that instant, he zealously applies himself to procreating generations!

Recently, science has discovered that in 1 million years, an entire bloodline accumulates 1 neuron cumulated in the whole bloodline!

By correct calculations, in 10 billion years, each bloodline on Earth will have half a brain!

In this train of thought, that’s how a bloodline on Earth can be proven to think!

By Master Mavrino
February 28, 2019

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