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I can give what here, on this planet, would fall within SF, that is, permanent existence, in permanent development, happiness, love, by understanding, reason, conscience, in a hive of happiness, called Creation.

This is my designation!

You can choose this hive as your reality.

This is the reality! Reality holds logic, reason, truth. Fiction is life to death. Everything that interrupts and doesn’t pass to a higher stage is fiction and lack of reality.

I am helping you – not to go through this life, in this context, more easily,- but to fix your mistakes, so you can reach the correct conclusion, so you can make the radical decision in order to pass from a calvary to a hive.

The hive holds nectarine milk, turning it into honey. That’s how the honey is produced.

When you produce honey, your brain creates a sweet path, as it is the outcome of thinking, of knowledge, and knowledge is very sweet, because you are on a stable, creative, progressive and fertile ground.

It is where the sound of the wings of development engenders music, by correct deeds, that you can discover the spring of truth and the satisfaction of engendering the fruitful benefit of the crystalline cells, by your brain.

A greater satisfaction than this is only when you meet the Creator; however, before meeting Him, the Creator, you know His Creation which you draw inspiration from and show it by your deeds.

Insect, animal, bird, nature, any part of Creation or Man?

This is the question. What do you want to be? You will say that, if you are created a Man, you can’t turn into anything else!

Partly, it is true, but only partly!

In order to be a Man, it is necessary to develop on a permanent basis, without losing your way or your designation! If, for even only one second, you count on being a Man and hence not changing, you will have lost

Any part of Creation functions in the context of the Creation’s purpose, which it was created for!

If you function improperly, you will become like the temporary parts – insects, animals, birds, etc. In this context, just as they do, you will turn into ashes and, from the ashes, a hideous, temporary mutation, with a mutant, temporary regime, will form.

The purpose is for the Man to evolve on a permanent basis; the mutant to realize that he went wrong and to choose evolution.

This is the only way you can become a Man, to wit the purpose of your genesis. In any other variant, ashes to ashes will apply, as well as graven image, namely an image added from wood or another material, without life or spirit.

Everything is a matter of choice!

You see, the choice itself is a superior and supreme act! To choose everlastingness is not the same as choosing clothes or food! What you have chosen results in your deeds, action, participation, merger with your fellowmen, neighbours, peers or the likes of you.

You look like me, you, us, anybody, – is wrong. It is right to have likes of you from the kin of Man; the rest is ashes from ashes.

If you have likes, peers, neighbours, you are a Man by your own signature; without them being Unique!

To be unique implies to tend towards the sun, yet without being a sun; to feel sheltered in the darkness, yet without being able to embosom it; and to give cerebral light, without being a light; nevertheless, to be followed in the examples you permanently give, by the others who look up to you!

You can have a partner anytime; however, for this purpose, you must show you deserve it. The Creator does not offer a partnership unless you are deserving!

By Master Mavrino 

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