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Question from Cristina

According to the data, the Mayans insisted a lot on this concept and considered it divine, if they observed exactly the order in order in which to build their settlements, in compliance with the geographic coordinates. I dare say the primeval civilization, come from the Universe, with the right of procreating a civilization inspired them. If this intuition may be related to Truth, then does the concept of pleiades have an important significance for the Universe, does it convey a certain line or order which must be observed in determining the geographic coordinates?

Answer by Master Mavrino

I am here to study what kind of creatures you are. I am studying and delving into you.

Your questions, Cris, are unstable. Unstable in terms of content. This means you still have very much to learn.

To have very much does not mean negative. It means that the education process is real. Study the question as you formulated it, and you will see and will ascertain that your connection with society still is pretty strong.

You are talking about pretorians and pleiades, totally absurd. The pleiades and the pretorians, as well as the mousquetaires are an invention owed to someone’s imagination.

Don’t believe in what someone has launched for you as a hypothesis, but believe in what I am teaching you, by your own force of thinking!

Somebody launched the idea that the moon is a satellite of Terra. All the regressed believed in this. By their believing in this, the involution continued, it did not stagnate.

If one launches a hypothesis, this does not make it true by default.

About the moon, I have explained to you very clearly in the previous materials.

The moon is part of the clepsydra. Clepsydra which ensures the planet’s stability in relation to the other Creation.

The moon in relation to Terra changes neither its rotation, nor its speed; it does not change anything. This proves it is what I say it is, namely a valve which ensures the oxygen circuit, which ensures the compactness of Terra’s outline, better said of Terra’s energy, lest it diminishes or increases.


The pretorians are very dignified fighters, the most dignified, who would ensure the imperators’ guard. The best of people would become pretorians.

The pleiades are those who, by a certain order, ensured a closed circuit, according to certain rules.

The mousquetaires are those who would protect the kings’ honor and dignity, as well as integrity.

All these terms are false. It is someone’s wish of creating a part of society cleaner than the others. It is only imagination about dignity and honour. Dignity and honour mean researching, studying and applying your poise to anything around you, without hurting, but also without being hurt.

Apart from the fact that all the aforesaid is a beautiful invention without substantiation, in a logical way – in what order do the mousquetaires, pretorians and pleiades have dignity and honour, if Terra’s society, in the simulator, is in permanent involution?

You may have not put things this way, but what kind of dignity and honour does the one who is in involution have?

He may have dignity and honour. But only based on imagination, in a field in which nothing is known.

What human being, in this simulator, has dignity and honour, if he has something to put on the table, has something to clothe his family, has where to send his family for tuition, and yet somewhere on this planet there is at least one being who has nothing of all this?

What dignity and honour are we discussing about? About a dignity and honour in illusion? What kind of human being is this, who holds dignity and honour, but he dies, nevertheless? A weird impression indeed the one you have on dignity and honour!

Weird it is, because even Robo is studying you, and not only.


As regards directly the pretorians, the pleiades and the mousquetaires, only in the human beings’ imagination they were dignified and honourable.

This history you have access to will show you how many successful attempts were made on the imperators, kings, over time.

I’m informing you now: numberless. What kind of dignity and honour do those pretorians, mousquetaires and pleiades have, if they acquiesced in so many imperators and kings being beheaded in front of them and with their help?

I think that, if you study more, you will be able to improve and modify your viewpoint on the dignity and honour which the pretorians, mousquetaires and pleiades anywhere have.

The pretorians, mousquetaires and pleiades are people who eat. If they eat, it means that, if they are offered better food, they will sell to you whatever you want, including the head whom they serve. I am talking about the crowned head.

I don’t doubt that, in your searches you have very good intentions. But remember what the way to hell is paved with: with exceptional intentions insufficiently studied.


Hell is an illusion, an invention. Obliterate it from your thinking!

Any spiritual connection with the society around you or any term of comparison between your thinking and society’s is a hell, factually. Try to see the Truth through the prism of the beauty around you, even if it is beauty affected by pollution.

An old coat, patched up, but well-maintained, shines more than a new coat acquired by unworthy means!


The most important chapter in a man’s integrity is his process of thinking.

A correct process of thinking ensures your coordination and posture at an optimal level, using them in perfect conditions so the body can be used exactly for its intended purpose.

Know that every star has a name. A name that represents every new-born spirit in the Universe.

This Truth is incontestable. Under these circumstances, How’s that – the great bear, the little ox and the brindled cow?

Weird constellations were invented!

Except this is not in accord with THE ONE Who created!

In the last sentence of mine, there is a little rhyme. Lest you transform my Truth in pantomime!


What the Mayans or other artisans built is of no interest to me. I talked about this.

There were 8 civilizations. Out of the 8 parts of the people come on this planet. Everyone, by their scientists, tried to reconnect with the Creator, building various settlements to draw the Creator’s attention that they are walking on the right way.

It does not mean that’s how it is, because the creation of the simulator would eliminate by itself any hypothesis of the Mayans. The settlements of the Mayans, as well as any other civilization, have stayed.

Of course, as they were fixed constructions, the time left its mark and almost put them on the disappearance mode.

The Mayans did not show, by development, anything else, but that in the emergency mode, namely in involution, a group of scientists have remained who later turned into procreators of the human beings who deserve to stand out and become men, namely those whom I now extract from the simulator.

After the Mayans or any other civilization, a part of TRUTH has remained. A part which every civilization knew.

Provided that all parts come together, a whole is created which allows somehow that the human beings return to the initial state and regain the status of MAN.

For this to happen, the process of thinking of every human being willing to become a MAN is a must, should be present and correct.


My Pretorians, if there are any, is a term which shows that there are beings who are one step higher than the knights, and the pretorians’ task is to give one piece of advice to all those who ask for advice. Not more than one piece of advice. The pretorians’ advice are very important.

I have chosen this term, although in the Universe there is another term. I have chosen it because the pretorians are the imperator’s guard and, in the Universe, those termed differently are the ones who explain to their neighbours which the right direction is in the Creation.

In time, other channels will be created. The pretorians can no longer go one step down and become knights. The pretorians may only rise to another name which will appear on a new channel which Dan will create on my say-so.  

Answer by Master Mavrino
February 28, 2019

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