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In order to walk on a new and correct way, you must empty your brain. In this situation, you will not have inappropriate roots. It is very hard, but not impossible.

Any root from the former way will change the new one into a cross, which does not lead anywhere.

If you empty your brain, you will have help from nowhere else but from the Creator, Who appears only if He notices that someone, somewhere is very determined to walk on a new way, regardless of hardships.

The Creator is nothing but your friend. He is unique, because He raises you to a level where you, by your own forces, cannot reach. You are raised to the degree of friend.

This means He doesn’t take into account how dirty your sandals are.

The Creator knows you can wash your sandals with your own tears of helplessness.

There is helplessness when you are determined to walk on the Way of Truth. The helplessness is the consequence of your realizing how much you lost because you had walked on the wrong way.

Sure, if you have realized this, you already have a ticket for the Way of Truth. It is difficult because you must replace all and everything.

You need to create the process of thinking, to drive away everything you accumulated, being wrong.

You have to learn how to dress according to pollution. The daily sweat must disappear, due to your wearing adequate clothes.

To attain the adequate weight for your height, as well as to rid your pulmonary system from the excess of fats, as well as to make the most of all the systems in your body, so they can function properly.

It is good to free your thinking of the habits accumulated so far.

You have to understand what beauty, eternalness, perfection, love, dignity and many others are, as PRINCIPLES in one’s development.

To create qualities is a step which you start once with the process of thinking.

You need to understand that, in Creation, the Creator created only one of a kind-s.

There is beauty, there is no negative of it.

The Man exists, not his double. He is one of a kind. Every Man is Unique.

The man is created in two sexes, but one of a kind-s.

There is not a man created for a woman. Both the man and the woman seek one-of-a-kind partners, as they are themselves. They don’t hurry, not the multiplication is the purpose of the Universe, but the development by research.

In this situation and context, the Men exist in eternalness, and not to procreate.

When the development is at a high level, Men find one-of-a-kind partners, just as they are. Being one of a kind-s, every partner learns from the behaviour, poise and manifestation of the other.

The men in the Universe don’t have duplicitous thinking, or manifestation as such. Out of the question! No one in the Universe makes an allegation non-sustainable by deeds!

The men are clean, open, explosive by the assertion of happiness and joy.

In the Universe, there is no frowning whatsoever. There is a permanent face concentration, indeed, but accompanied by an amazing smile.

That’s how it is in the Universe, but there are many other manifestations, circumstances where you react appropriately, but also everyone’s respect for the rules accepted once with development.

No rule, which the man could not understand by his own development, is shown, until you are ready. When the man is ready by his development, he knows the next step.

In the Universe, one of the principles is that you can’t build your home unless you know how to prepare the materials for this purpose.

When you are developed, you know that you can build your home energetically, as well, by unstable energy. It is unstable, because it is destined to be used by men for various purposes on their path.

The stable one ensures the motion and presence of Creation. It is used only by the Creator.

There are many which can be said about the Universe, but we have a long way up there.

At this moment, we are walking on a new way, Way which leads to the DOOR allowing the entrance to the adaptation mode for the UNIVERSE.


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