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Some good advice for anyone would be to abide by the following:
1. NEVER believe yourself clever.
2. NEVER believe yourself evolved.
3. NEVER dare say you have known the absolute truth. There isn’t one! If there were, the Creation would be limited; but it is unlimited!
4. All who are around you are better than you, but you belong in all, as well!
5. Know how to align with where you belong and represent yourself as you are – Unique in a perfect world. There are two categories in Creation which you can be a part of, where you are and your place! Creator and Creation! Which category are you a part of?
6. Choose every time the more difficult task, because the easy one will bore you!
7. Learn to give, as you can definitely receive. You have life, which means you know!

By Master Mavrino

March 3, 2019

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