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Holidays Conditions

We will go on holidays, under certain conditions:
1. Free-choice holidays, whoever wants, wherever he wants
2. Holidays abroad, whoever wants
3. Holidays with me

Probably, the holidays will be in the month of August.

The holidays with me have the following conditions:
1. I will let know how long the holidays last.
2. The price per day for one person is of 50 Euro
3. The directions related to the organization of the holidays are given by me alone
4. The holidays, their place are organized by Mariana Dragut
5. I will announce the start and closing date of the holidays, a month beforehand
6. Three weeks prior to the start of the holidays, Mariana must receive in her account the equivalent of the amount corresponding to the holidays price
7. Unless Mariana receives the full amount for the holidays, it is simple, you go abroad or in the country of your choice.

By Master Mavrino
January 1, 2019

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