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Question from Anca

Reflecting upon and shocked by the information on the human beings’ shape now in the simulator, and their walk similar to the crocodile movement, which you have recently told us about, I started thinking of all kinds of statements made by some or others, theories about reptilians that take human shape, that take the shape of Terra’s personalities, things I haven’t paid too much attention to so far, regarding them as nonsense. Could there be any connection with these theories?

Answer by Master Mavrino:

I am not interested in anyone’s theories. I reflect the TRUTH.

I would ask you to look around. Before being frightened by the forms I have described, what can you see? Apple pie and McNuggets? Sugar-free chocolate? Or what do you see, for that matter?

I am describing to you what I see. Extremely sad eyes of children, because they can’t get the toy or the chocolate bought to the other child, murders, rapes, a wide range of criminality, the death which is horrible, the life which is unbearable, but hardly can this be called life, various speculations, wars, bombs with a different structure, whole cities seized by pestilence, epidemies, each of the dead pierced by tens of thousands of worms and, after maximum 30 days, how that man who claimed to love, to live, and many suchlike, changes into tens of thousands of worms heading for various directions.

Total absence of dignity and honour. Malformed individuals, limping, without a hand, without a leg, inadequately positioned eyes, deformed face, monkey-like or another animal-like forefront, total filth, squalor and distress.

That’s what I see; but, at the same time, from this gutter, I see the sun, the stars, the celestial bodies, the oceans, even if they are polluted, the nature, even if it is polluted, a butterfly which has various colours, even if it is malformed. That’s what I see, namely all the species, the nature, the birds.

Even if I am in a polluted environment, for the most part, no one from another species attacks me. I can be attacked and I can expect to be attacked by an animal walking on two legs down the street.

I would like to see the reality in a brighter shade, but there is no way I can see it like this, because the truth is what I have described to you.

Is this horrifying? Does it shock you? You should know that it is the same for me. But you are shocked by the form you see, while I am shocked, even if it was foreseen, by the involution, namely the absence of brain.

I could make some effort to see things through rose-coloured spectacles. I will see a pink picture, and it is true. The worms eating up all the corpses in graveyards are pink.

I would like you to be down to earth, to have your feet on the ground, and your feet to be guided by the resultant of thinking. The life in this simulator is as I have described it, not as we would like it to be, for our part

Here there is a problem. Any individual, regardless of how great or how developed his thinking is, at Terra’s level, can’t see things in other nuances than those he can see here. This means that, out of all badness, you can see the less bad side.

There’s no way you can make a comparison between the Universe and here. I describe to you exactly how the Universe is. In dreams, I take you there. But, in real terms, you have no basis of comparison for what harmony and beauty, joy and wisdom mean. Any comparison with what is around you, in this case, is wrong. You regard from the viewpoint of the human being who has built a fortress indoors and who looks outside, through this fortress. He is not on the street.

Accept what is here, as it is! But accept, as well, that here, you can find what can’t be found by any means in the Universe! The difference is that the Universe thinks, Terra’s simulator doesn’t.

What animal is that who sticks his knife about 100 times in his victim, and how could we call him? Can we put up with calling him a man? He is not even a crocodile. He is something in-between. A human being deformed down to the level of crawler.

This is the TRUTH. No matter how you turn it, you can only see grey colours.

You remember that I have explained to you there is also pink.

Answer by Master Mavrino
18th of February 2019

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