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New Alert! New Alert! New Alert!

Our organization is a scientific, constructive and realistic organization. We make the most of what we are offered by Creation, studying all the correct and realistic possibilities, applying them.

Now life is modifying significantly, changing almost completely.

As to what is around us, we use it in a totally different order, given that the way we have lived so far is all wrong.

Our organization has all the leverages to comply with any kind of hardship, in order to carry further a proper course. We have a just way of organizing ourselves, which is always improving, with each experience.

Our lifestyle is new by means of analysis, change, and by the passage to another threshold because, if we isolate ourselves, we run 100% the risk of producing the same toxicity as where we come from, if we repeat the same mistakes.

By our experience, we have proven that we must not run away, because we have nowhere to. The planet will be just as polluted.

We apply new rules, a new approach. Our members’ age is of ZERO PLUS, and not of any other figures. We have only ZERO and PLUS.

Our society’s management, forasmuch as every file must be studied, has accepted for approval 200 000 more members.

This process is not easy.

Every month, we have the possibility to study maximum 5000 files.

Each file is studied with the utmost care and responsibility.

The dynamics of the changes worldwide is high, but the acceptance of even one new member in our society is a crucial approach.

Geniuses who are useless, personalities that don’t convey anything, rich people who fancy themselves Gods, advertising starlets and other such individuals for temporary use can be found everywhere. We don’t accept such pseudo-personalities.

In this context, you will understand why the files are analyzed and accepted with some delay.

To bring about change, you must throw away old clothes, make new ones and show you can do it; since by buying new clothes, ready-made by others and wearing them, you will behave according to the tailor’s habits. That’s how you have done so far.

They who will be approved as new members, will be notified of this acceptance. 

Thank you!


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