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Stopaging - Pioneer Program 1

Pioneer Program – Stop Aging

SAVIO Signature Program

Pioneer Program – Stop Aging

We have developed and now make available a unique pioneer program. This program is pioneer because it aims to prove and will show once and for all that people at retirement age are not people preparing to die, to pass into another, allegedly better world, but ready to discover that this age may be fructified and to understand that the actually better world is here and now.

Every man should offer and commit to a program which he believes in, to a fulfilling and rewarding platform that provides full satisfaction.

The age of over 60 years is the age of creativity, forasmuch as now the brain is mature enough for this purpose. The brain has suffered from many shocks over time, up to this age, and it has gone through manifold experiences.

Some experiences brought no satisfaction; but the reason is precisely that, during the unrewarding experiences, the brain did not respond properly, since it relied on the experiences of others, repeating also the mistakes of others.

In our unit, first and foremost, we will restore together the body, by various medical, psychological exercises, and on the basis of traditional medicine and experiences.

Afterwards, by shared experiences, we will seek and attain brain function at the normal and proper level.

All of us together, we will prove that human age is nothing but a misunderstanding of time.

That’s how it is and moreover easy to infer, because, in times gone by, which life on this planet dates back to, age used to reach thousands of years and even more.

With the ever-faster pace of life, life has become a mere presence, a presence interrupted by the first serious medical condition. Afterwards, fear steps in, and thereafter the psychological shock, which allows the installation of death-fostering cerebral chaos.

Death has three stages: acceptance, adaptation, surrender.

We will prove together that’s not how it is, and we will do our best to break the chain of weaknesses, proving that we can restore the body and respectively the brain function by correct response to a false reality.




Stop Aging
Signature Program

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