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People on this planet went wrong. By erring, they turned everlastingness into an attempt to make amends for their mistakes; however, this attempt proves that some of these wretched really want that.
The Simulator is a fact. We can deceive ourselves and say that the term of simulator is a coinage, and this is normality, which does not mean that’s how it is.
You can ignore what I am saying, because what I say is not mandatory for anyone, but this doesn’t mean you will have another end than the one guaranteed in the simulator’s practice, namely a temporary life finishing with death.
The mere fact that all that is born dies is a contradiction in terms. That is so because – why would one come into existence, if he were to die, after all? The man is created to develop, by analysing and researching, whereas the other species turn into energy in order to ensure the leverages of man, to strengthen the force, so he can fulfil his task.

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