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The first men knew the name of the planet. The planet had just one continent, surrounded by waters. This new planet was under final testing for settlement, with the purposes of exploitation, not habitation.

Terra is a planet for resource extraction, not for habitation. Terra is also a medium energy balancer. It is a center at a rather medium level, for balancing the Universal Energy System.

Once people got here, since they were not in touch with the leadership of the Universe, they improvised, at the level of their development.

First of all, they split into their bloodlines, they elected leaders and divided the planet among themselves, moving away from each other.

That was the first mistake. It is the first mistake, since the proper continuity of the bloodlines is compromised. That’s how the confusion of bloodlines began. In case the species continuity is ensured by your own kin, the bloodline confusion is a fact.

Electing different leaders is the second mistake. That certifies the creation of instincts and the downfall of the species, by the emergence of fear, hatred, violence and many others.

Just look around you. Everything that doesn’t come under the simple rule: Do not upset anyone and anything, just as nor should you be upset, too; create along with all those around you; develop on a permanent basis, as well as others of this kind, sparks off instincts.

Once the instincts were present, the development turned into an illusion. In this case, the ones who had triggered this process were isolated, without them knowing it. The artificial loop was created, an exact replica of Terra, yet with 7 continents and waters surrounding these continents. Five continents are visible, and two are subterraneous, producing resources to feed the artificial loop

For study purposes, with a view to watching the behavior of the species under improper conditions, it is perfect. This space turned into a laboratory, where Men can accede, in order to study the behavior of the species which has not continued its development process, and its downfall.

The human brain knows no limits. To this effect has it been created; but it changes, in terms of composition, along development.

The Man’s brain functions with crystalline cells which operate properly the moment they reach a 63% level of development. Up to this level, any change is possible.

Change implies on the right line. The men having ended up on Terra had not reached that level. The consequence was that this brain changed its rhythm and dynamics, modifying itself, that is, the process of mutation occurred.

The causes are manifold. One of them is high self-confidence. Consequently, the man began to believe that he is high and mighty, that he reigns over all and everything, that he can amend all and everything, that no one and nothing can touch him. Animals and birds, mammals and nature are not meant to be violently acted upon. They should be conquered with gentleness, but also protection.

People resorted to violence. Everything was subdued and gave in, but a reaction of fear and panic, respectively defense, arose. If, at the beginning, everything was around the man, now they were withdrawing, organizing in order to defend themselves.

That is how the first attack, rather out of fear, on the man, occurred, just as the first dead in the ranks of people did. Once this precedent was a fact, the downfall began on all levels. People split into even more groups, using violence, as well as chaos. The Universe no longer made its presence known, forasmuch as there was no reason anymore to show this presence in a system of permanent mutation.

Of course, not all human beings manifested themselves this way. There were also men who were still confident that the Universe would help them, and the Creator would change His attitude. They moved away from the others and created defense fortresses for themselves. The defense fortresses, nevertheless, proved that fear had overwhelmed them, too.

Under the sway of fear and fright, their systems, in their turn, underwent the modification. It is true that the pace of the modification was slower, but it was there. With the passage in time, as they say here – millions of years later -, after permanent modifications, death was obtained.

Death is a process which results from underdevelopment and which is present only in this laboratory. Death does not exist through the prism of the Creation in the Universe. It does not exist! Death is a laboratory phenomenon, the consequence of underdevelopment. Physically, it does not exist here either. In the Universe, the man develops based on research and knowledge. The crystalline cells have a well-established rhythm, dynamism and form of rotation. Due to the pure atmosphere, the pores are always free. In this laboratory, there is so much toxicity that the pores can only be blocked, since the nervous system is affected by sclerosis and no longer works.

In the Universe, every moment, a crystalline cell is born, another one is depleted and is eliminated into the external energy, to be charged, merging into the energy sea surrounding every part of Creation.

Here, on Terra, once the pores dysfunctional, the system of energies is blocked. In this way, inside the cranial vault, layer after layer of dysfunctional crystalline-cell residues form.

Without oxygen, energy and other components, the human brain shrinks in a limited time. This time, at the moment, is of maximum 100 years. When even the last cell slackens its pace, the mutant human being dies.

This death is not real, if you know how to activate the crystalline cells. Otherwise, the body starts decomposing within 18 hours. It is a natural process since, without thinking, the human being is merely matter, and matter undergoes the modification into components for other purposes, which actually happens.

The human species, now, on Terra, is a mutant human species of the 53rd generation. This means that just as many genetic mutations occurred out of the possible 55. Thereafter, the species becomes non-human, namely something else than what exists in the Creation, in the Universe.

In this laboratory, there are traces of lost civilizations, which you study and launch different and increasingly more utopian hypotheses. The problem is that you actually believe in them. That doesn’t surprise me, since you believe that you live, are alive, have life.

You contradict yourselves, since you have death. It is life that you don’t have. You are always conducting tests, in order to prove that life and death are two totally different systems, which cannot coexist. They are mutually exclusive.

Life is a gift, which the Creator gave, endowing the Man with this gift, whereas death is a utopia, invented by you, put into effect, and which you believe in, being impotent – incapable to develop.

You track down discoveries about the civilizations that no longer exist. You dig up sundry remains of huge settlements and animals, which were enormous in size, yet which disappeared because of pollution. Nothing further from the truth.

In the Universe, the temperature ranges between plus 35 degrees and minus 31 degrees, with continuous atmospheric motion. That is how the permanence is ensured. Men are up to 3.25-meter and minimum 2.85-meter tall. If that’s how men are, so are the animals. It is not the animals that disappeared, but you, as a species, are through.

Your only enemy is you, by your underdevelopment. You are not aware that you exist in maximum 5 instants, to wit maximum 2 days and 17 hours. After this period, the cyclicity is repeated. You see that the season changes and you fancy yourselves alive.

Let us see if that’s how it really is. Unless the atmosphere changes in 18 hours, if it’s hot, you will dry up, and if it’s damp, you will be covered in sores, due to prolonged moisture, with many eczemas. In both cases, the consequence is death.

The Creator and the Universe still believe in some of you. Cyclically, testing is conducted, which tests you are put to. Cyclically, the apt ones are chosen and are offered the chance to develop. The worthy are extracted on other planets with adequate atmosphere. If they prove themselves, they move forward.

There is pollution here, as well as its consequences; so is death. Both of them entail the modification of the human body and structure. Should the atmosphere of the Universe be introduced here, because of the almost total damages of the human species, the result would be complete decomposition, instantly.

You claim that you live, on the average, 80-90 years and that you endeavor now to raise this average.

I wonder, who believes you? Only those who invent such an ineptitude and receive piles of awards, valid for 1 year. After this ineptitude, another one emerges, and so forth.

A hypothesis must be based on Truth to exist in reality. In any other variant, all you will be left with are the worthless prizes.

You have received prizes for self-cloning, which you attributed, as an invention, to the Japanese researchers. Who actually believes that? I launched, with technical explanations, the self-cloning process, precisely 25 years in advance. There is documentation, within my books, exactly 25 beforehand.

The process of senescence, its causes, effects, its stoppage, the control over the organs, as well as the age control date back 30 years earlier than what you are experimenting.

Ideal societies where children should not know terms such as disease, ageing, death, are launched by me 23 years prior to your launching experimental societies. In all cases, by stealing what I launched, what did you succeed? Miserable failure in everything.

If you don’t know how to swim, why do you enter deep and unknown waters?

Returning to your average age, let’s see the truth. You live for maximum 25 years, after which the death which you invented sets in.

Study well. After, possibly, 25 years, your systems – osseous, neurologic, respiratory and others – collapse.

Living is nothing collapsing, but everything making progress. Do you make any progress? After 25 years, your memory fails you, diseases set in, and so on. There are specimens whom you push in strollers, since those ones no longer remember even their name. Is that your success? Is that the average age? Those are dead people in a still active cerebral condition, because they still have active neurons. Speaking of neurons, I launched, 31 years ago, categorically, the hypothesis that the neuron regenerates; you confirmed it – 9 years ago – as an attempted hypothesis.

As a first conclusion, we may ask ourselves – did the civilizations, animals and perfect weather disappear? – or did you disappear from the truth and hence only exist in the illusion that you exist?

It’s just a question now of proving to yourselves what the truth is.

Your truth has a validity term. It is valid only for you, in the short term, just as your life lasts; it is only related to your own interests, instincts, sexual orientations, lust for economic, politic power, army and illusion-based reign over the masses.

The Truth of the Universe is for the protection of the species, nature and Creation as a whole by permanent research and development in a friendly environment.

In the Universe, every part of Creation is important, indispensable. In this laboratory, Terra, you allege that the human being is a priority, but you create weapons. Why do you create various weapons, vaccines and drugs, which do more damage than help?

Also in this connection, you assert that the planet is overpopulated. Why do you say that? Do you cast about to wipe them out and think about how to? Do you think know to offer them a carefree life, with no involvement in anything? How long, until they die?

That elite, who reckons that it would be better if more people died, but the species were saved, envisaging thereby themselves and their relatives, is that what species means?

Why, with your greed for funds and power, did you allow excessive natality, without considering that you confuse the bloodlines and let monsters be born? Now, those monsters might decide how to kill the majority. If you actually tamed them, wouldn’t it be easier to invent another catch for them and let them kill other?

Make rules. All those who are not on drugs can be employed. The employed will receive a free card, that is, they can charge it with a salary at their will, on a monthly basis. The others, the unemployed, shall not accede even to the social aid, except for the handicapped. In this case, you rid yourselves of the drugged ones and the many. So did you tame them that they will kill each other in the fight for power and wealth.

Nevertheless, there is a risk here. There is a possibility that not all of them are as stupid as you think. A small percentage will use their brains and hide, just as you do, waiting for this calvary to pass. If you show up afterwards – and you definitely will, they will finish you off, hence it would be better with your little bombs. In this case, you might pass away, too and you’re done with the Terra laboratory.

The point is: Terra, as a laboratory, will always exist, forasmuch as it is a research subject for Men. In this case, the laboratory needs lab rats. You are perfect specimens. That is how the Creator decided. In this case, it is sheer misfortune for you, but here you have no right of decision. Once more, bad luck.

The Man is immortal, that’s the purpose he was created for. I have a society that has been experimenting for some time, without time for a while. My society creates on a continuing basis. They live in this environment, yet outside of it. They develop, merge with all and everything, they learn how to control every organ, they study, compare, fructify.

I want to show you that – where thinking is, age is no more, but not only.

I will show that, at the age of 130 years, at the least, you are still, by proper cerebral control, as if you were 25. Not only that. These men, at the age of 130 years, will be cerebrally productive, reproductive, but also in many others, operative and developed. Now they just are in this society, involved in there, but also completely absent, without anyone noticing that.

For me, if you meet the demands, you have a place, provided that you discover what the demands are. That’s hard, almost impossible, but there is at least one chance for someone to discover what he needs.

Every Man has two lives! The latter begins when you realize that there is just one life which, unless you enhance, you will lose! Your fairness to life does not allow death to call for you! The farther you keep death, the fonder you grow of the possibilities offered by life and you merge with it! This way, there is no possibility for you to know death, nor are you curious to!

Those who will die won’t see where we made it; however, the way you live, nor do you have a chance.

I do not want to prove anything to anyone. You know it all. You are covered in diplomas, on your walls; but they die with you, as do the walls, with you or your kin.

You have highly valuable and genuine couple relationships. That’s what you claim. You wear on your fingers, as a token of marriage, rings made of genuine material, which certify your union. How genuine the marriage is, then, if death eventually parts you?

After you die, your relatives take your rings off and sell them – as an irony of fate, if you played with fate, without developing. Another bad luck.

You’re wasting even your life itself. Why don’t you change the planet’s name – from Terra to Misfortune? That’s fairer. Do you believe in anything other than what you utter?

You have created for yourselves religions that you don’t abide by, ideals that you don’t reach; you look at the stars and admire them, until you grow old and, overwhelmed by fear, only see your toes.

That’s what your success lies in. Discovering and looking merely at your toes, according to your evolution.

At a certain point, overwhelmed by fear, you resort to assisted suicide, so you can get off easier. Is that your Faith? A man lives forever to develop; the mutation, out of fear, exists to commit suicide permanently, by means of fear. That’s what you believe in, that’s your god – Fear! 


By Master Mavrino, 
January 20, 2020

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