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This planet is populated and stocked to overmuch. It is populated, since that’s what this mutant species thinks, when really it’s a repository of dead people. Once death was known, life disappeared. In this case, what life are we discoursing upon here?

Life and death are contradictions in terms. They do not exist together.

Where there is life, there is also everlastingness for development, as well as beauty, love, development, evolution and many others of the same range.

Evolution makes possible horizons of unknowns by knowledge, they being thereby conquered, and it opens ever new challenges in fathoming Creation. Death throws open the door for senescence, diseases and rottenness.

The man is created to develop by knowledge. The Creator did not create to immolate what He brought into existence. He would not have created, if a fiasco were going to come. Why should He have created – only to watch how what-He-created relinquishes life?!

Consequently, the man who did not abide by the rules of Creation regressed, got his death and gained his illusion of having gods, legends, myths, customs and others, such as love, happiness, sadness, greed and all you can see.

You fancy yourselves the inventors and discoverers of all and everything. You create idols for yourselves, whom you follow to the death, and then you cease to exist, in your turn. That is how you enter a repository called Terra, where you feel happy.

Your involution underwent, accordingly, total isolation from the rest of the Universe, in order for you to turn into a laboratory, a simulator, where Men can learn the consequences of mutation.

Mutation was foreseen, from the beginning of Creation, to a maximum of 8%. This phenomenon has now reached 1.5%, but it won’t rise higher.

You, as I said above, are making newer and newer discoveries. What are you actually discovering, if everything you light upon, no matter when, was already there? Are you playing gods?

You allegedly discover water, but has, by any chance, water been waiting for you to come upon it? You would not happen to have only noticed the water which has been there all along, would you? Instead of acquainting yourselves with it, you came up with physics, chemistry and others, to justify your discoveries. However, by any chance, hadn’t physics and chemistry been there all along? Were they all flying anarchically, waiting for you to discover physics, so they can all set in place?

You came up with chemistry, instead of studying everything around you. Do you think that, if you had not discovered chemistry, you would not have existed? Were you supposed to know chemistry, so you can be born? Did you get wise to chemistry in order to have diplomas to die with? No matter what you discovered, you keep dying; then – what’s the use of it?

Since there is mutation, all discoveries are vain and unavailing, since they are permanently modified, as the need arises. That proves you are just as temporary as your unsubstantiated, illogical and purposeless discoveries.

Water is vital in Creation. Water is in all and everything. Water is useful and useless. Animals, birds, nature, any component of Creation, as well as Man, they all have a line of conception by Genesis.

You have the term of genetic line. So does water. Water is used differently by every bloodline, as water itself is different. Water, if used properly, allows Man to move properly. In any other situation, water, when consumed improperly, blocks the motion, as well as the evolution of every Man.

On the planets where people leave, as well as where they carry out their activity, there is a very well-organized energy composition. In order to exist – to endure, all the components of Creation exist – get by merging into one another. This is Creation. Creation is conceived to complete itself perfectly, so it can exist – stay alive.

A main component in Creation is water, too. The Universe has no blanks. Were there any blanks, all would have been in disarray and turmoil, a chaotic Big-Bang.

Fortunately, there is the Creator Who created this Universe, as well as the others; and that variant of chaos, the outcome of the self-styled science of the man of self-named science does not apply.

All the alleged science in this simulator has discovered is death, and it justifies the consequences of death, so it can hold sway over the mutation.

Science has not reached even the conclusion that, between planets, there are perfect, materialized energy connections. They are all perfectly linked to each other, they all have functional matter, they all exist through the components of life. They are all life.

Had there been no water between celestial bodies, there would have been no clouds, no mist formations, no connection-making particles, either. They would have all collided with each other, as in Disney Land.

Science, in this simulator, does not see much of all I describe; but, what does science see, anyway? Does it see permanently modifying hypotheses? Why can the human beings see the stars, celestial bodies and others? Why don’t the stars come falling into your arms? Why don’t flowers fly, but stay in place, why do flowers randomly grow within the same variety, why do birds, animals and nature group within the same type?

Because there is the Creator, the architect Who invented the Universe, in all the components necessary to operate perfectly and so does it operate.

You created science for yourselves, discovering death, you turned into permanent mutations; however, even so, you are in the attention of the Universe – either as subject of study, or as potential, apt to fit in with the Universe once more.


The Universe has the instant, with 3 components:

  • passive development (when the man is resting),
  • active development (when the man is studying) and
  • creative development (when the man follows out what he has studied).

All this occurs in just one day, as you know it.

The Universe has 3 types of research: research, knowledge and development – each of them taking 7 instants. This amounts to one month, namely 21 days.

The Universe has 13 periods of permanent cyclicity, to wit the equivalent of 13 months.

The Universe has one total cycle, which means 12 months, thoroughly covered in terms of days, and the 13th, with a larger day structure.

How many days the Universe has – this information is not for the general public, because it is a potential portal which, if used improperly, may lead to the user’s death

I study only life; therefore I don’t provide data potentially harmful to you. You already have death; I just can’t give you data that won’t do any good.

The men of the Universe have been studying, ever since you regressed, this simulator, they have been also helping you, but have you noticed that? You have only seen death in all its phases. You split the involution, the mutation, into three phases – birth, life and death. Under no circumstance, and in no way have you known life. You live in the illusion of being alive. Are you? If the outcome of this existence of yours is death, have you ever really lived, have you ever been alive?


In the Universe, to be mature, it takes a development of at least 61%. This means over 1000 terrestrial years.

In order to have a partner, to procreate, you must be 11 000 years old. Here, you breed at 12-13 years old, until you die. What is your maturity to know what is around you, to realize what beauty, love and others mean, so you can reach the maturity to procreate? Are 12-13 years enough in this regard? Just think, do you have the means to?

If, at 12-13 years old, you breed, what do you procreate? You procreate an undefined species, with various diseases and especially completely confused, disoriented, misguided. You teach them how to behave in death and bury them, what a great achievement! 

In this case, how could you understand that the Universe is there? As far as you are concerned, there’s only you, who create, because of fear, graven images. You create gods for yourselves, whom you serve, because Truth has strict rules.

Truth, if you abide by its rules, ensures you the everlastingness where to develop. Under these circumstances, a Man’s purpose is to develop, to study, to know.

A man does not ask himself how long he will live, he does not have this problem; the man only endeavors to evolve. The man knows that every instant is important for his evolution and fructifies it. The mutation is overwhelmed by the fear of not dying, he always defends himself lest something evil befalls him, since he exists in evil; the mutant does not study because he has time, which time does not exist, but the mutants devised it and moreover started the hourglass.

This is the outcome of underdevelopment. The fact that you learn only some fields out of the chaos you forged and actualized, makes you overlook what is vital, namely that there is Life.

The Universe studies death as a consequence of involution, as well as the dead. 

The periods of study, in a single stage, are 25 000 terrestrial years. Once, after this period, an assessment of the dead is conducted. This assessment is very correct and accurate. Once in this period, the deities, idols and everything you created, come to naught. You create other gods, other idols for yourselves.

All the dead have a cerebral deposit. This deposit is studied. There is, normally, a quantum of Terra’s population. Every time, a percentage of 6-8 of the population deserves a chance. This chance is exploited and fructified. In all situations, a maximum of 5% of the population deserves to be helped.

These persons are helped and extracted on intermediary planets. There, they adapt to the climate, which is improved by 1.2% in relation to the one on Earth.

That is so, because the mutants’ body, even if they have the chance of development, is intoxicated. If they are brought into the pure climate of the Universe, they will instantly disintegrate. That is the procedure, that’s what applies now.

I have a manifold to show, but I should also have whom to show them to. You can regard all my information as absurdities, utopias or truth.

You might well believe they are utopias, but look at the stars, sun and celestial bodies, before coming to a conclusion. Look at yourselves. Are you perfect, do you look like the stars?

You may also reach the conclusion – utopia or truth? 

What if it’s not a utopia?

What if you must wait 25 000 years to be elected, what if you are the elect?

What if?


by Master Mavrino

30th of January 2020




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