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Word of Truth In a World of Contrasts


Dear ones,

In this world, a world of contrasts, it is impossible for me to carry out my activity. My activity is to teach and to lead Men to the future, not to teach the world how to enrich their life, turning it into an accessible and easy one.  

If I had done this way, I would have taught the world to be better speculators than the others. They do speculate, anyway. They are like a pack in a jungle. The latter, taught and accustomed this way, got used to overthrow the weak, always speculating, burying corpses, seeking salvation in a light on the basis of the buried people’s assets, enjoying, while those buried rot.

The autosuggestion comes from the fact that the cheerful ones are not yet dead, unaware that they are actually dead in their own body, being their own hostages.

Thinking is hard, but I lead only the ones who have it. I can’t lead and teach those who follow rules known only to themselves. There is no divinity sheltering anybody who doesn’t have discipline in living.

In vain do I say anything, since the deaf do not hear, the blind do not see, the dumb do not speak. They live as hostages of their ignorance. They have their own light in which they believe.

If you underwent dressage, you can’t be free. Somebody having undergone and compliant with dressage has his place, guaranteed with greenery and quiet, with a smell of incense. A free man doesn’t know what he has, he is learning now, but he is a man forasmuch as he has analysed and accepted there is Something Else!

In Something Else, only I can teach them how to know. The others and about others, I can’t teach them anything, since the latter know everything. Why would such a person need me? I could teach him, too; but what am I to teach him, if he knows everything?

You have always asked and wondered what you want and how you want to improve anything; however, as to what you gifted, have you calculated?

In conclusion, I don’t accept the dead in my abode, I invite the living to behold my abode and learn how to build their own. The dead don’t need a dwelling place, they rot, and they are no longer.

Therefore, may God help, as well as the Mother of God, the Holy Forty Martyrs and all the saints! I’m going to kiss all the icons and light candles for the living and for the dead!

by Master Mavrino

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