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  1. You must be meek, humble, rational, analytical, fair.
  2. You must know in depth the environment and the society you live in, in its complexity. You must know life and death. Analyse efficiently what the difference is between life and development versus life through death. This is the only way that you may be apt to make a right choice. The choice you made, you must never abandon it.
  3. Based on the correct map you have made and the reality you have lived in, you must be born again, this time choosing your birth by life without death.
  4. You must create your sword, but never take it out of its sheath.
  5. You must never judge those who have undergone mutation, but undo your mutation instead.
  6. You must never use your thinking to benefit from the mutants, but always capitalize on your work alone.
  7. Your yard must be wide open to everyone, but no one is ever supposed to enter your house.
  8. Your water, your flat bread and your camel you may give to everyone, but you must not accept someone else’s water, flat bread and camel. The only thing you may never give is the owl in your house, which you must not even show.
  9. Between two tunnels – a bright, lit one, and the other dark, explore the dark one.
  10. You must never throw a boomerang, cherishing in how far it goes.
  11. You must never lift a stone that you cannot carry.
  12. You must never reveal to anyone that you have chosen life and that you are on the Path of Life, but especially that you do not know death. Life is your crest. This latter one it is your duty to polish.
  13. You must never show – in a dialogue with those who have undergone mutation – that you overpower them by your thinking. Withdraw necessarily, leaving them the impression that they are cleverer than you.
  14. As a member of the White Brotherhood you must help everyone every time, without asking for anything in exchange and retire as discreetly as you showed up in the first place.
  15. You must offer everyone water, for you may find the seed which life will plant in them.
  16. In your relationship with those who have undergone mutation you must never accept joy, happiness, love, giving, friendship, devotion, loyalty. Maintain this relationship in cordial terms.
  17. Every time – in your relationship with those who have undergone mutation – you must behave like a game that is surrounded by many hunters. Rest calm, for your brain will find the dark tunnel through nature’s protection and the light of life.
  18. You must never show the society where you carry out your activity that you are not afraid of death or say that death does not exist. You must never use the opportunity of saying that, for you will only hear your voice with many echoes.
  19. Do not choose a beaten path. Make your own path to travel, so you can join other people like you, Knights of the Ways. It is only in an atmosphere where brethren of yours are found that together you can eat the bread of life correctly.
  20. Never choose a house with a beautiful yard and a bountiful well, built by other people.
  21. Do not celebrate your living. Celebrate by your deeds.
  22. Do not tie your oxen behind your cart. Tie them in front.
  23. Do not lose the light, for if you lose one light, you will also lose the night.
  24. Never accept clothes from those who have undergone mutation.
  25. Every time you take out your knife, do it only to share your food. You must never show you have a knife.
  26. You must never expect appreciation from anyone. But only be happy if you are appreciated by the One who has also given you life.
  27. Do not use gloves when warm and walk barefoot when cold.
  28. Appreciate the nut tree, the bees, for they are part of the Source. Pay no attention to the maggots for they are not your kin.
  29. Do not fish where you do not know the lake.
  30. Do not accept and do not delight in paintings drawn by those who have undergone mutation.
  31. Do not make fire together with those who have undergone mutation for you do not know the source of the kindling.
  32. Keep your body and your face always at light, rest in darkness, respect both light and darkness and always know that you can offer support without pay to anyone.
  1. When you have chosen and you follow your way, if for one instant you forget the purpose of your way it means you have played with the fire and you will not know which direction you threw it and what is it that caught fire.
  1. Show your gentleness on every occasion, every time, but do not take it to the desert, for the desert will not understand you.
  1. Along your way use every time a horse and a donkey, riding them alternately. This is the only way that you will follow your path.
  1. Never touch the traps laid by beings in mutation, but find your food by yourself instead.
  1. Do not use your water supplies for the purpose of wasting them, by emptying the tanks, thinking you have reached the lake. Make sure of that.
  1. Do not offer what you know to someone else. But nor must you accept to be offered.
  1. Offer everything you have learnt without reservation to everyone, building together with them everything that is to be built, but without showing what you know. Protect them without them seeing that you have protected them. You must never and under no circumstances attack the society where you have learnt the truth. You must not attack it because their negativity pushed you to make the right choice whereas, having negativity, they will not understand your good will.
  1. Do not try to change anybody’s thinking. Deal with your own thinking.
  1. Wear the crest of the White Brotherhood by your deeds and never soil it, not even by your thought.

This is the Statute of the White Brotherhood and it dates back to the beginning of the involution, namely for over 60 million years, unchanged. The members of the White Brotherhood are and they will always be until their work is finished.

The White Brotherhood knows when this end will be, as they also know when the Beginning of the End started. The data we have will never be public. The White Brotherhood is made up exclusively of Knights of Science and Development.

The White Brotherhood has nothing to do with legends, myths, deities and religions.  The White Brotherhood has only the Truth, namely that Life is a gift which every man must preserve and never lose.

This is one more page from the White Brotherhood’s Archives, offered to the public.

There are a lot of legends about us, but legends are just legends. The only thing we do is by our discreet presence to help where we have who to help.
We do not ask you for anything in exchange; nor do we attack. We leave you this pleasure, of attacking yourselves; along time we have seen that you do it successfully, destroying yourselves.

There are, in this simulator, on this planet, also many of you who are already members of the White Brotherhood, with dignity and honor creating their qualities, abandoning and forsaking negativity.  We assure you of that.

The Great Master of the White Brotherhood , February, 3rd,.2021

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