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The Universe develops by permanent evolution. Terra relies on religion, instead. 

The Universe engenders and maintains People free by Knowledge. Terra undergoes constant mutations, due to the accumulated fears of knowing itself.

The Universe offers itself to Man, in order to be known, so the Man can thereby know himself and fathom his role in the Universe.

The Universe knows Life – the outcome of knowledge; Terra knows Death, since it is obstructed by the fear of all fears!

The Man in the Universe knows, at each step, the Universe; the human being on Earth doesn’t even know his own planet!

The Man in the Universe does not know any limits of Time; the human being on Earth is not aware that Time has no limits!

The Man in the Universe studies Terra; the human being on Earth sends messages in a language that only exists on this planet!

The Man in the Universe does not come in contact with the human being on Earth, since the latter knows no development, but is simply a self-murderer! You can’t possibly contact a murderer, under the circumstances that there is no such term in the Universe!

The Man in the Universe, being free, makes the most of love, in order to develop. The human being on Earth just takes advantage of this term, without even knowing it. Therefore, by not referring to this term as to a quality, a gift, by not cherishing it, the earthlings die and lose love, as they understand it, for good and all, since they are mortal.

Consequently, the Man in the Universe alone knows this gift and avails himself of it, because the Man – by developing – is immortal.

The difference between People in the Universe and Human Beings is simply that the Man in the Universe never crosses the threshold of death!

The Human Being on Earth creates for himself various religious, mythological and many other illusions; in these illusions, he also fancies the possibility of reincarnating. How naïve can you be as to think that – once you have erred, Someone will give you the possibility to err once more?!

Illusion has its price!

Unfortunately, on this planet, Terra, the price is death, with no other chance.

Where the process of thought is missing, there is no evolution, there is no chance!

Have you ever thought about the meeting between an immortal Man and a mortal human being?

The former – the Man knows no death; the latter doesn’t know Life!

A long time would pass before the mortal could understand that this is what it means to live, whereas now he only exists on a temporary basis, until he runs out of vital energy and dies!

If he becomes aware of this, he might strive to get out of this simulator of death and to forsake the statues of graveyards. It is possible, but he must let himself taught! Maybe he will succeed!

You get the impression and you create for yourselves the illusion of sending and receiving messages to and from the Universe. It is just an unsubstantiated illusion!

This simulator is completely isolated, because of involution and death!

Imagine that you are deep in the ocean, submerged. What can you hear in there? Nothing! That’s how it is with planet Earth; since there is no oxygen outside it, nothing can be conveyed, no one answers, no one knows the language of the dead.

What would be the use of it? What you can actually hear is only the distortion of your own signal.

Now, imagine that you are in a cave. That’s what you hear, the echo of your own signal, sent by yourselves.

Rid yourselves of illusions and you will succeed!

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