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Whisper Of Knights And Fortress To A New Dimension

What happens in the whisper.

Every knight has his fortress, where he holds the Truth he holds from it.

When the time of Judgement comes, all the human beings who have existed throughout the fortress will be around the fortress.

The knight will make the assessment of every member in the fortress. After he finishes, those who are disembodied, only with an energy body, will disappear for good from the Book of Life. It will be never known they ever existed.  

That’s what will happen with their genetic line, too. Those who have a genetic line stemming from them will be linked to the main bloodline where the individual concerned originates in. In this way, those who transgressed will not be memorized by anyone.

The ones who are embodied – this means they have somewhat followed the straight line. In this case, they will continue their development in the intermediate dimension on the planet corresponding to the environment they come from.

The ones who have chances of evolution come from various percentages of pollution. After the adaptation, in terms of oxygen concentration, is made, they will be, all of them brought together on the unique planet and they will continue their development there. If everything goes well, they will evolve, all of them, under different conditions of evaluation. The difficulty of education is the same; only the evolution is individual. Along with evolution from 10/ to 10 % the joint evaluation will be made again.

By Master Mavrino
February 28, 2019

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