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Did you ask me who I was?

My dear! Did you ask me who I was? I will answer you.

I am the one who has been born one day before you; I helped you in your education; I showed you the paths, but also the way to the good water and the fertile soil!

I am the one who helped you when you needed it or when you were sick!

I am the one who showed you the stars and the sky, but also the one who showed you the riches of the earth!

I am the one who showed you the flight of the birds, but also the roar of the wind!

I am the one who helped you respect your parents, but also never to accept compromises.

I am neither your mother, nor your father, so – if I am needed – you will see me even when you give up your ghost, for your ghost has grown poor!

For those poor in spirit, I am the Kingdom of Heaven and the well of milk and honey.

For the rest, it is the Universe!

You would not want to know who I am if you have not developed!

Unless you have developed, it is no worth knowing who I am, because you cannot value it, anyway! 

If you cannot value, why should I tell you?

To you who ask me who I am, but cannot appreciate it, if I told you, I am Nobody!

To you who think, I do not have to explain who I am because you Know!


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    Anca Nazarie says:

    I do not need any explanation, no proof, I just know, feel and live something unique.

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      Mariana Dragut says:

      Thank you, Anca! Great to have you here!
      Should you have any questions to help you understand more, please feel free to post them in the Comments, or send us an email to [email protected]
      As a VIP member, you will get the answer either publicly or privately, of your choice.

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