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Organize Your Own Life

They who study, research, discover little things – they alone complete the puzzle and thus discover me, too. You can't discover me, and then start figuring out the puzzle. In order to discover me, you need a spark of madness. A sane man lives his life exceptionally, grows old, falls ill and dies. A man with a dash of madness, by researching, has his brain turned into a blaze of madness. I assure you that he who has the blaze of madness no longer thinks of health, illness and death. A madman will be a madman. He only seeks.  

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Regeneration in the Loop

The men got lost, in their turn. The remaining ones amount to a maximum of 14% and live 580 years, according to the last statistics. After this period, they are brought into underground fortresses, they are regenerated, they undergo specific procedures; afterwards they show up again, rejuvenated, with a certain capital, which they can supplement and certain behavioural instructions.

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The men of the Universe have been studying, ever since you regressed, this simulator, they have been also helping you, but have you noticed that? You have only seen death in all its phases. You split the involution, the mutation, into three phases – birth, life and death. Under no circumstance, and in no way have you known life. You live in the illusion of being alive. Are you? If the outcome of this existence of yours is death, have you ever really lived, have you ever been alive?

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The human species, now, on Terra, is a mutant human species of the 53rd generation. This means that just as many genetic mutations occurred out of the possible 55. Thereafter, the species becomes non-human, namely something else than what exists in the Creation, in the Universe.

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Life and Death

The ascension of our programme covers well the chapters referring to life, age, affection, senescence and total elimination of these terms, moving on to controlled age and everlastingness by thinking.

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Once the structures modified, another species emerged, an artificial species, utterly valueless. Except, at the beginning, hardly was that noticeable. Over time, the species concerned fell within this factor - “time” and began to depend on time. In which case, the mutation was already obvious. The human being’s standards, facial form, body shape, structural pattern modified. Everything changed.

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Some good advice for anyone would be to abide by the following: 1. NEVER believe yourself clever. 2. NEVER believe yourself evolved. 3. NEVER dare say you have known the absolute truth. There isn’t one! [...]

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Q&A 0082 – Mission – Evolution and Correct Adaptation

Everyone on this mission has his full memory. There is a scheme. This scheme is called comeback by evolution and correct adaptation. [...] This means that, when you claim something, you must believe 100%, neither more nor less, in that something. No one can bring to terms a man who doesn’t hide anything and states something, from his level of development. No one can contradict him, because he is perfect at his level of development.

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Q&A 0081 – The Bird That Comes Closest To The Sun

This bird is very strong, with extreme heat- and cold-resistant wings. This bird can come closest to the sun, namely – at the planetary level, close to the stratosphere, with no problem. Without any modification in its body. It is a pleasure to fly with such a bird; it is another sensation than teleportation, it’s a unique sensation. Any child flies on such a bird. He flies and at the same time learns how not to fear anything, refining this quality by exercises.

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